Makeup fashion changes as soon as a year passes by to call it the past. Steer through this write up to find out the makeup trends that would follow in the year 2011.

Makeup Trends 2011

The year 2010 has yet to end and women are already engrossed with surfing through lifestyle magazines and the internet, finding out the latest fashion trends to sport in the next year. The year 2011 will be introducing you to lots of nude and natural makeup, with emphasis on the timeless smoky eyes or the bold and flirty ones. The choice is entirely yours. While the eyes would steal the icing, lips, nevertheless, will remain a significant element of the makeup trends. All in all, with the start of 2011, you will get to see women playing with their eyes sporting bright and vibrant colors. Check out the lines herein to get some ideas and inspiration for 2011 makeup fashion trends and enhance your natural beauty perfectly.
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2011 Makeup Styles
Lips Go Bold!
The lips, for a change, plan to get bright and vivacious in 2011. The colors, so chosen, will increase your sexiness and charisma. Lip color shades that are definitely in include red, orange, violet, and hot pink, as they will attract immense attention. To enhance your seductiveness, try out a matte version of any of these shades with a clean finish outline, using a lip pencil. How about wearing luscious lips by going just outside the lip line?
Go Natural!
Makeup artists just cannot get over this simple, elegant yet natural look. The year 2011 will yet again see women donning natural makeup due to its never-ending popularity. And why not, after all, natural makeup is the best way to create value to your natural beauty, without putting in much effort yet giving you a trendy and fabulous appearance. With subtle cheeks defined with a touch of blush, mascara on your eyelashes, and bare lips or natural looking lipstick, you are all set to move out and draw the much-needed attention.
Eyes Get Bright!
All you women having beautiful and gorgeous eyes, here is good news! You can enhance their attractiveness by adorning them up with some bold and bright eye makeup. Eye shadows include bold shades, such as orange, pink, green, and blue. These are must-try colors to enhance the beauty of your eyes and generate attention. However, make sure that you cover up your marks and bumps with concealer and foundation, as this makeup suits flawless skin the best. Cover your upper lashes with a black eyeliner and black mascara for your eyelashes. For lips, you can either leave them bare or heat them up with a red colored lipstick.
Smoke’s In Too!
Looks like the makeup industry just does not get tired of experimenting with smokey makeup! Reason being, smokey makeup is not only easy to apply, but great to look at and hence, fails to lose its beauty anytime. With just a few tips and tricks, you can easily master the art of applying smokey eye makeup. For a trendy and stylish look, go for black and gray eye shadow, while if you prefer enhancing and beautifying your eyes, opt for dark blue. Complement your eyes with highlighted cheekbones in shades of bronze, orange, caramel or chocolate.

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