Looking for some latest sexy and silky lingerie trends to impress your better half and rekindle your romance? Glance through this article to know the innerwear fashions styles for 2011.

2011 Lingerie Trends

Fashion is not restricted to only dresses, skirts, trousers, or blouses, but it also includes innerwear and accessories. Thus, if you like fashion and want to be in vogue, your lingerie too has to be fashionable and trendy. We all know that the things that are fashionable today will be outdated by tomorrow. Hence, it is necessary to know the newest trends to keep yourself up-to-date and be on the top. This equally applies to lingerie, which changes as the seasons change. Fashion designers are constantly bringing out new lingerie collections that give you a chance to look stylish, exclusive and glamorous. Right from sexy lacy bustier to simply smooth satin bra, the lingerie industry has lots to offer you. As far as 2011 is considered, you have an array of feminine, naughty, seductive and sophisticated innerwear trends coming up. Check them out in the lines that follow and see what suits you best to reveal your sexy curves and your fanaticism and intimacy.  
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2011 Innerwear Fashion Styles
Come 2011 and we will get to see lots of bright and decent colored lingerie hanging around the intimate section of your favorite stores. The days of strictly blacks, whites and nudes are left far behind. You will have a wide range of colors to choose from including jewel tone fuchsia, teal, chocolate, purple, turquoise, yellows, aqua, sapphire, soft pastel blush, coral, and mint green.
Contrasts of opaque and transparency are the newest trends that will mark as the new high-tech style. Transfer prints, graphics, animal prints, bondage accents, primitive embroideries, Berber stripes, geometrical accents, beautiful laces, ikats and metal accents are to watch out for. The season brings out the essence of new luxury to conquer the land of modernity.
Lingerie for the entire 2011 will talk of silk, silk and more silk. You will find lingerie in silk satin, silk charmeuse, silk chiffon and other varieties of only silk. These will give your figure a glamorous look, while complementing the elegant designs donned on your body.
2011 lingerie trends combine the ethnic and otherworld marking the return of the triumphant camisoles, bodices, teddies, caftans or djellabahs, and dry knits for that eternal seduction. This amusing creativity brings forward real ardor and femininity. For those wanting to flaunt their deep necks and cleavage, you have bikinis, thongs, G-strings and boxer shorts as the hot picks always available at your service.
Return of the Lady
A lot of overtly feminine tones will take over the market in 2011. Intricate detailing can be seen, such as knife pleating and decorative seams to enhance seductiveness and fascination. The vintage look, aka retro look, will be definitely in form as it returns back this season, but with a modern silhouette.

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