Are you suffering from one of the many hair related problems? If you are, read on to learn how to stimulate hair growth.

Stimulating Hair Growth

Long and beautiful hair is like an add on to the beauty of a woman. Nevertheless, this beauty is delicate as well and requires good care in order to be sustainable. Increasing pollution levels, lack of proper balanced diet and little or no time to exercise has all contributed towards a number of hair problems which people face now-a-days. Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty and health of one’s hair, steps need to be taken by people who face hair related problems. Hair fall, dandruff, lice infestation, dry and itchy scalp etc, whatever the problems might be, good care and proper diet can get rid of all these problems and can boost hair growth in a person. There are many hair growth products as well as natural hair care remedies if applied will definitely help in stimulating hair growth. Below mentioned are some useful tips on stimulating hair growth. Read on to learn more.

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How to Stimulate Hair Growth

Health starts with your diet; therefore your diet definitely affects your hair. A balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals is recommended by experts in order to stop hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Consuming vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K are some of the best vitamins you can consume to stimulate hair growth. Fruits and vegetables along with vitamins will act as a complete hair care package. You can include whole grains, potatoes and bananas in your diet in order to complete your Vitamin B intake. Other foods that can help stimulate hair growth are eggs, soy and other protein rich food items.

Scalp Massage
Another way in which you can take care of your hair and speed up the growth process is by massaging your scalp for minimum of 10 minutes each day. This will increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles and will also help in stress alleviation. An increase in blood circulation will allow hair follicles to absorb more nutrients thus leading to hair growth.

Applying oil to your hair will also boost up hair growth and will nourish your hair thereby preventing hair loss. Some of the essential oils that help in stimulating hair growth are:

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil will help in keeping dandruff and lice at bay and will also help in hair growth and reduction in stress.

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil can be mixed with other oils in order to stimulate hair growth. Lavender oil is one of the best oils used for aromatherapy and regular massage with this oil will surely boost hair growth.

Thyme Oil
Thyme oil is another essential oil which will help in increasing hair growth if massaged with regularly. It increases blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Rosemary Oil
Rosemary oil is one of the most useful oils when it comes to hair care. It helps in treating and soothing dry and itchy scalps and also helps in getting rid of dandruff.

Natural Supplements
Hair growth can also be stimulated by consuming natural supplements. You can consume supplements in the form of pills, powders or even tonics. Try and include supplements rich in beta carotene, flaxseed oil, silica and vitamins like vitamin B, C and E. It is however advisable to consult a doctor before opting for any natural supplement.

Natural Remedies For Hair Growth 
  • Mix together yogurt, egg yolk and lemon juice and apply the mixture onto your hair. Wrap a towel around your hair and let the mixture condition your hair. Wash it off your hair after 30 minutes.
  • Coconut milk with aloe vera gel can also be applied to stimulate hair growth. Apply it and leave it to condition your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing.
  • Apply lemon and buttermilk in case you have a dandruff problem. Use these two on a regular basis in order to get desired results.
  • Avocados, eggs and wheat germ oil can be mixed together to form a natural conditioner. You can use this conditioner regularly for stimulating hair growth.
  • Make sure that you wash your hair with cold or warm water only. Washing your hair with hot water is harmful for the hair.
  • Apple vinegar can also be used to rinse your hair which will act like an excellent conditioner.
  • Fit in a small exercise routine in your daily schedule. Daily exercise will improve blood circulation which in turn will advance hair growth.

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