Is bad skin is affecting your self confidence? Read on about what causes blotchy skin!

Blotchy Skin

“Beauty is only skin deep, but the world is filled with thin-skinned people!” As much as you would want to deny it, people judge you based on your appearance. We are all highly-visual people and if what we see is not pleasing to the eye, we tend to ignore the sight. There is a “shallow halo” in all of us. Even if the person is an angel, we tend to ignore him/her, based on the fact that he/she is not good looking! Talking about beauty, the first thing we usually tend to observe is the skin. Skin is that thin insignificant covering, which hides the ugliness within. Four out of five people would agree that bad skin is a big turn off, whereas clear skin tantalizes the senses and tempts you into submission! Are you someone who is the victim of prejudice because of scars or warts on your face? Does waking up in the morning feel like an ordeal because people just look past you? Have you never seen lustful eyes pry your face, even when you are dressed to kill? The reason for all your woes is bad skin; those irksome pimples, brute dark spots, stubborn acne scars that refuse to budge or worse still, vitiligo. If you are someone who is fed up of your insignificant existence and are clueless as to why you have been cursed with bad skin, then here are a few pointers that will answer all your grievances!
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Causes For Blotchy Skin
  • One of the most common causes of blotchy skin is acne! Cystic acne can leave behind really scary scars that would give, even the dead ghouls a fright. The important thing to remember when faced with an acne attack is, under any circumstances, do not scratch those pimples! Once scratched, they will turn into monstrous scars that will take a while to fade away!
  • Blotchy skin due to Rosacea just manifests itself as redness accompanied with pimples and small bumps. It is a common cosmetic condition and can be treated easily. Tropical medication is the best thing to use, to arrest the inflammation and reduce the redness.
  • Hormones have a funny way of telling you that something is wrong with them. Hormonal imbalances usually manifest themselves through the skin as acne, eczema, breakout, and dry and itchy skin. They are usually caused due to bad lifestyle; improper diet; erratic sleep patterns; lack of exercise to name a few.
  • Vitiligo can also be the cause for blotchy skin to appear. It is a chronic disorder of the skin that leads to de-pigmentation of skin. Vitiligo is caused due to the inactivity or destruction ofmelanocytes; cells that impart melanin to our skin. It usually begins at the extremities of your body. If you are graying all of a sudden or there is loss of pigmentation inside your eyes or mouth, then consult a physician immediately.
  • While vitilligo eats away all the melanin in the body, melasma does the exact opposite. It appears as a dark brownish skin discoloration and is caused due to hyperactivity of melanocytes. It is usually common in pregnant woman, who are on oral contraceptives. This condition may also be genetic and is usually seen in Native Americans, Germans and Russians.
  • High blood pressure may impart red skin blotches due to the high circulation speed of the blood in the capillaries. People with high blood pressure also experience excessive sweating and reddening of the face and palms.

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