A gentleman never has a glitch in his armor. But things can go awfully wrong if your tie doesn’t match your shirt. Take a look at some of the essential shirt and tie combinations you need to know.

Shirt And Tie Combinations

A perfect look is never complete without a perfect dressing combination. In fact, it takes everything to be accurate for a perfect look, but just one thing to spoil the whole idea. A perfectly matched shirt and tie combination is one of those things you need to consider, in order to achieve the classy look. Well, the sense of style can be safely deemed under the phrase ‘to each his own’, but when it comes to shirt and tie matching, there are a few basic notions that you need to know. Believe it or not, each shirt gives a different look on you. A tie you choose, therefore, should be adding to that value and not detrimental. Just as you try out different shirts before buying them, be sure to consider the ties you choose match with your shirts. Like we said, matching a tie to the shirt is not difficult, but essential. Here are a few basic guidelines based on shirt types for you to match your ties. All of these tie and shirt combinations are popular among professional men, especially for the work day.  Try finding something that suits you. Best of luck!
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How To Match Your Shirt and Tie
Classic Combinations
For an elegant and sophisticated look, white is the way to go. White shirts are the simplest of all shirts and also the easiest to dress up. A white shirt can essentially match with any color, or pattern tie for that matter. So, whether it is teaming a white shirt with a blue tie or a pink one or even a patterned violet, know for sure that you would end up looking vibrant any ways. On days when you are in a frantic hurry, it is always best to sport a white shirt with any tie and get set for a hard working day ahead.
Solid Color Shirts
For a man looking for a little bit of excitement in his wardrobe, a solid colored shirt is an excellent idea. A vibrant shirt adds depth to your appearance, which sadly is not present in a white shirt. The simple rule for matching a colored shirt to your tie is to match a contrasting color in the tie, to the color of the shirt. So say if you’re wearing a blue tie with pink strips, your shirt should be pink. Also, keep in mind that the colors of shirt and tie should match. However, you can use similar shades of the same color to create a really striking effect. Pairing a bottle green shirt with a light green tie or vice versa can be a really good combination.
Striped/Checked Shirts
While it is simple to match a self-colored shirt with a tie, problem arises when the shirts are striped or checked. Don’t get ballooned with the pattern of the shirt as the trick is to match it with either solid or patterned ties. If you are going for a solid color tie, try matching it with the color of the stripes on the shirt. This would create a striking visual effect, without being overly matching. You can also wear a patterned tie with a striped or checked shirt. However, just be sure that the pattern on the tie is always larger than the pattern on the shirt.
The rule of the thumb that you should follow is to make sure that the pattern on the shirt is smaller and more subtle than the tie. This is because the tie is the decorative centerpiece of the outfit, where you want the attention to be centered. Also try to incorporate colors from the patterned shirt onto the patterned tie. For example, reversing the contrasting and main colors in the shirt on the tie can be a great option to explore. That is, if you are wearing a white shirt with blue dots, make sure you get hold of a tie which has big white dots on blue base. This contrasting effect would create a visual appeal, thereby giving you a striking and remarkable look.
Night Out/ Party Shirt
The biggest concern for day wear is to keep your outfit conservative and understated. However, when it comes to nightwear, try going bold with bright or jewel toned solid colors. This would go on to create a dramatic look that would be outstanding for a party or dinner. For an out-of-the-box look, go for a colored shirt with a patterned tie.

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