Blonde hair is one of the most popular hair shades, but did you know that blonde can be further categorized into different shades? Browse through this article to know the types of blonde hair colors.

Types Of Blonde

Getting blonde hair is the desire of every second woman. However, if the blonde shade does not complement your skin tone; you can end up looking like a clown amidst your acquaintances. So, to curb the risk, it is best advised to surf through the various blonde shades available, before you give yourself a funky and modish look. Rapidly becoming a trendy and stylish desire, blonde hair is popular amongst everyone, right from teens to celebrities. And why not! The plethora of different ways available at one’s disposal to don a fresh and dazzling look simply adds to its popularity. So, whether it is an addition of lowlights, changing of blonde shades or going for the hard to pull off platinum blonde, the options presented are numerous. In the following lines, check out the different types of blonde hair colors that you can opt for depending upon your skin tone.
Different Kinds Of Blonde Hair Colors
Platinum Blonde
Also known as towhead, platinum blonde is almost white in color with a tint of silver, thereby making it one of the lightest blonde shades. Generally found among young children, platinum blonde does not have any tints of red, yellow or brown. People with an extremely fair or pale complexion can go for a platinum blonde color, as it exudes a complete hot look.
Golden Blonde
Golden blonde, also called honey blonde, is one of the best blonde shades to give your tresses a dramatic look. True to its name, golden blonde hair looks golden in color and the shade is evenly kept throughout the hair. Though it is easy to get a golden blonde color, you need to have a fair complexion to proudly flaunt the locks. However, those with a subtle tan can get this shade too, to flaunt a completely sun-kissed look.
Strawberry Blonde
A strawberry blonde has a tint of slight reddish color onto a beautiful head of blonde hair. Strawberry blondes look great on pale complexions with peach or golden undertones, or brown complexions with pink or golden undertones. Those with wavy or curly locks can, as well, flaunt strawberry blonde hair by opting for a darker strawberry blonde shade with undertones of auburn or dark brown.
Light Blonde
Light blonde, also known as flaxen or simply blonde, does not have gold, red or brown tints. Nor does it have the unique look of a platinum blonde. A light blonde simply sparkle light hair with a hue of yellow and not gold.
Dishwater Blonde
Unlike its name, dishwater blonde is not actually dirty. Also known as dirty blonde, it is a blend of ash blonde mixed with light blonde. The unique combination of these two shades reveals a delicate, tinted look to the hair.
Sandy Blonde
Sandy blonde, or ash blonde, is the darkest of all the blonde shades. Such people showcase a grey, grey-brown, grayish-hazel or cream hue in their hair. A sandy blonde shade reveals a natural color as against the aged-grey hair. This neutral blonde hair color is neither too pale nor too dark, and thus looks good on hair with a good texture and length.
Other Blonde Hair Colors
  • Bleached or Bottle Blonde
  • Pool Blonde
  • Hazy or Zebra Blonde
  • Sunny Blonde
  • Brownish Blonde
  • Pale Golden Blonde
  • Butterscotch Blonde
  • Dark Blonde 

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