Are you bored of your typical hairstyle? Are you game to sport a new and interesting look? If yes, then read this article to know some short hairstyles on blonde male and get going.

Short Blonde Male Hairstyles

When it comes to having a slick super suave hairstyle for the more fashionable blonde males, the possibilities are endless. From cute hawks to super suave classic style, blonde men have a flair and passion for the original and classic. Likes of Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake have typified the penchant of their blonde brothers for a more impeccable, suave taste and style. Be it spikes or the fashionable hawks, blonde men have been game for anything truly stylish and chic and have sported some of the magnificent hairstyles throughout history. Their light colored strands combined with a super slick cut have been the envy of many since ages. So, now you know why more and more men are opting for a blonde hue to cover their mane! Super stylish and super classy, blonde men have come to represent our more stylish brotherhood over the ages. Here are some exceedingly cool and stylish short hairstyles for blonde men.
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Short Hairstyles For Blonde Male
Faux Mohawk
Wish to go all punk, edgy and stylish with your hairstyle but fear going over the top? If yes, then faux hawk a-la David Villa style can put you high on style quotient, without making you look straight out of the retro-punk era. Faux Mohawk, a style rightly put into trend by Spanish soccer heartthrob David Villa, is easy to style and looks as haute as the very-retro Mohawk style. To get the look straight, the side hair should be snipped short, while the hair on the crown are left a little longer than their usual length. You can simply comb this style to get that guy-next-door kind of appeal or mousse your trim to flaunt a faux Mohawk too.
Crew Cut
If you are game for a no-hassle, quick-fix hairstyle, crew cut is the cut for you. Short, trendy and supremely stylish, a crew cut has been every hair stylist’s delight since ages now. The classic crew cut is all about close to crown hairstyle, cut very short, especially on the sides and the back. The hair on the crown, which is almost like a strip, is left slightly longer than the rest of the head. One can also wish to go for a flat top, which is styled by snipping the hair on top of the head and tapering the length longer, far away from the top.
Buzz Cut
If you have a thinning hair or find it a pain to keep up with your mousse, gel, spritz and tousled mane, buzz cut may be the ultimate bet for you! From David Beckham to Justin Timberlake to Brad Pitt, buzz cut has been sported with aplomb by celebs and their aficionados alike. It is easy to maintain, requires next-to-no styling and makes for a polish style statement. However, sporting a buzz doesn’t mean you have to go down on your style. For a more head turning style, you can snap the sides and leave more hair on the crown for styling.
The Classic Cut
The classic cut is back in fashion and boy, in a big way! This right out-of-shower all slick back wet style, put in rage by the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio and David Beckham, have become the call for the red carpet. This swishy suave hairstyle looks grand and machismo and is universally flattering. From office to sophisticated evening outs, classic slick hairstyle definitely rules the every crown!

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