Short hairstyles reflect self-assurance and readiness to take new challenges. Explore the following article to know different cute hairstyle ideas for women having short hair.

Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair depicts that you are cool, confident, in control, and too busy to spend hours fussing with your hair. It is easy to maintain and does not need regular cutting, while giving you a sporty, fresh, flirty, casual and cute look at all times. A short hairstyle makes the face look thinner, so such cuts look best on broad faces. However, there are surely a few haircuts for those with short hair, but different facial shape. Some of the ‘in’ trends include bold bobs, crop haircut, fringe bangs style, natural layers, blunt-cut, retro waves and sharp angles. Layers represent the latest trend not only for girls with long hair, but also with short hair. In fact, when it comes to short hairstyles, the trend is now diverting towards the layered look. In case you too have short hair, this article is surely meant for you. Here, we present you with some of the latest cute hairstyles that would be perfect for your short hair.
Cute Short Hairstyle Ideas For Women 
  • The basic bob is the hottest style this season, in case you want your hair short, but not overly so. You can enhance the cut with beveled ends and moderate highlights and help control over your hair with ease.
  • Upswept cut, with layers is another cute short hairstyle for women. Get a few lightly spiky sections, keeping your face and forehead clear, instead of spikes all over.
  • Though updos are a challenge for short hair, a faux updo will make your hair look longer. Brush your side hair straight at the back and set it with gel. It will give you a slick, high fashion evening look.
  • A cute blonde bob, with strong curvature at the ends, will frame your face well. Add light, elegant layers in your favorite color shade, for the best bob.
  • Have a short-layered hairstyle with the last couple of inches in razor cut. This will give you wispy ends.
  • You can get a short pixie cut, in case you have a narrow face and a smooth skin. Get some soft wave perms on the top and crown area. This will spike up the hair and create texture and volume.
  • For a tomboyish hairstyle, flip bangs to your hair. This versatile hairstyle can be termed as funky, simple or a retro look, depending on the occasion.
  • Short flipped bangs look good and enhance the features of your face. Use some gel or hairstyling product to make your hairdo last long. You can also flatten your bangs using an iron.
  • Have long layers on the top, to make your simple hairstyle look gorgeous. Pull them forward and curl or tease them for a new hairdo.
  • For a messy look, have layers longest in front of the ears and on top of the head. Use a small amount of styling hair wax to work through the hair and comb them to arrange the side bangs. Use your fingers to sculpt small flips or curls, as per your liking.

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