People with thick hair can easily wear short haircuts. Check out some cool short hairstyles for thick hair, given below.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

As a kid, each one of you must have heard the story of Rapunzel, the fairytale character, who was famous for her thick long hair. While some of you must have just heard it, others would have dreamt of having such fabulous hair, while the remaining are the lucky ones that have been blessed with the prized possession. Yes, thick hair is always considered beautiful and healthy, even finding place in people’s fantasies. However, the summer months do compel you to change your perception as the scorching heat not only makes it difficult to manage such long hair, but the hair itself loses its innate charm. So, for those with thick long hair, given below are some short haircuts, which will provide the much needed respite this summer.
Shag Hairstyle
Shags look good on practically all the people. Short shag is an ideal choice for those with thick hair. For inspiration, you can consider Hollywood actress Meg Ryan, who looks sexy in her carefree shag hairstyle. To define the face, jagged layers are cut throughout the hair and side bangs are used to provide height and extra definition.
Razor Cut
For thick hair, you can even consider the razor cut. Unlike the long razor, which is recommended for long and straight hair, short razor is suggested for thick hair. The short razor cut provides several defined layers, which provide movement as well as control to your hair. This enables you to manage your hair easily, without being messy.
As everyone envies thick hair, the ones who are gifted with them should be proud. Maintaining this feeling, you can simply make a ponytail and still look stylish. Your hair might be long or short, a ponytail looks trendy anytime. For special occasions, you can experiment by making dual ponytails or tie them sideways for a flirtatious look. Another teasing hairstyle is the partial ponytail, which leaves some of the hair out.
The Pixie
The Pixie haircut also looks good on thick hair. It not only frames your face but also accentuates your features. The hairstyle comprises of short yet different length bangs. It is quite choppy in appearance and provides a messy look at times. However, it requires less maintenance and provides you a naughty, girly look.

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