Skin tags look very gross and might become a major irritant also. In this article, we tell you how to remove skin tags, including the method of cutting them off.

How To Get Rid of Skin Tags

A skin tag can be described as a small piece of accumulated skin, which is usually seen jutting out from the skin. More often than not, it is of the same color as the surrounding skin and is attached by a stalk. In majority of the cases, skin tags are totally harmless and pain free. In such a case, it is not at all required to remove them. However, if you feel that a skin tag is making you look ugly or bothering you in some other way; you can easily remove it from your skin. You can either get your skin tag removed from a doctor or do the same at home. In the following lines, we have detailed both the options.
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How to Get Rid of Skin Tags
Cutting Skin Tags
One of the best ways of getting rid of skin tags is by cutting them off, with the help of scalpel or scissors. Take either of the two instruments, making sure that it has a sharp blade, and sanitize it, by putting it over flame, wiping with rubbing alcohol or cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. Thereafter, cut the tag as close to the skin as possible. You might experience some bleeding, so keep some cotton and antiseptic handy. If you want, you can also numb the area around the tag with ice, beforehand, as it will help diminish the pain.
A much less painful way of removing skin tags is by freezing them. For the purpose, you have to make use of liquid nitrogen (cyrotherapy). In fact, liquid nitrogen is a common treatment for skin growths. As you apply it on the skin tags, the cell tissues will die quickly and easily. The pain experienced in such case will be minor. However, you might witness some scarring later. Remember that liquid nitrogen is not to be applied to the same area of skin more than once a week.
Electro Surgery (Electrolysis)
Electro surgery, also known as electrolysis, is an efficient way to get rid of skin tags. However, this is strictly to be done by a professional or a doctor. In this case, an electric needle is injected in the area around the skin tag. The needle destroys not only the skin tag growth, but also any additional growth underneath the skin. Electro surgery causes very minor scarring and the method is usually fast and permanent.
Cutting-off Blood Supply
This is another method that will help you remove skin tags. You cut off the blood supply to the tag, by tying it with a thread or string, close to the healthy skin. With the stoppage of the blood supply to the tag, it will gradually dry out and fall off. However, you need to make sure that the string is tied tight enough, so as to really restrict the supply of blood. For the purpose, you can also take help from another person.

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