Skin tags can easily be removed by oneself without incurring huge expenses. Go through the article below to know some cost saving tips on removing skin tags.

Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags are skin growths and do not pose any risk to the health but prove to be an irritant as they can grow in any part of the body. Skin tags generally grow in those parts of the body where creases are formed like neck, armpits, and groin. Skin tags do not grow or change, are generally about 1mm in size and are painless. They are smooth and are raised from the skin surface of a fleshy stalk, called a peduncle. The main cause of skin tags is friction caused by skin rubbing against skin in, creases and folds, and so they occur most prominently among obese people, pregnant women, and those who are diabetic. People suffering with rapid growth of skin tags face the task of going to the dermatologist, which is very expensive. So, skin tags can be removed easily by oneself without any fear provided proper safety measures are taken. Given below are a few procedures of safely removing skin tags.
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How To Remove Skin Tags 
  • Tie a string onto the base of the skin tag for a couple of days when it will fall off by itself. By tying a string, the blood flow is stopped and the skin tag dries and falls off.
  • Apply nail polish on the skin tag thrice a day. Once the polish dries off, it constricts the skin tag, which starts to shrink and disappears within two weeks.
  • Clean the skin tag and area round it with alcohol and tie a string around it tightly. Now use a pair of scissors or nail cutters to clip the tag from the base. Take care to employ antiseptic to prevent infection and cotton to stop the blood flow
  • Mix baking soda and castor oil into a paste and apply it on the skin tag three times a day until it dries and falls off.
  • Wash the skin tag and the area around it with alcohol or soap and water. Dip a piece of cotton in water and put three to four drops of tea tree oil on it. Then rub the cotton over the skin tag three times a day until it falls off. Tea tree oil is extracted from the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia which is used to treat many other skin diseases.
  • Use a duct tape to cover the skin tag for a couple of days till the tag start to loosen up and finally fall off.
  •  Apply vitamin E on a band-aid and stick it on the skin tag. After few days, the tag will come off.
  • Soak a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the skin tag four times a day. In few days, the tag will fall down. Don’t apply apple cider vinegar on skin tags near the eye.

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