There are lots of methods by which you can remove armpit hair. Explore the article to know more about removing armpit hair.

Armpit Hair Removal

Julia Roberts had the paparazzi clicking photos all over at the premiere of one of the most famous rom-coms of its time ‘Notting Hill’. So what is new? The news was not Julia Roberts but her armpits hair, which could be seen from miles. Seems gross! Actually, armpit hair removal is one of the most important elements in personal hygiene and appearance. Generally, the armpit hair starts to grow with adolescence. In addition, even though removing armpits hair is a personal choice and sometimes an influence of a culture, it is usually considered gross to keep letting it grow. If the armpit hair is left to grow, you may trap excessive sweat and then attract bacteria to settle in thereby leading to bad body odor. There are various methods by which armpit hair can be removed. Read on to know some of the armpit hair removal methods.
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Removing Armpit Hair
By far waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. However, it is painful especially for the armpit hair. The advantage with waxing is that it gives a lasting effect and it is affordable. It is always better to get it done professionally, although it can also be done at home. All you need is a hot wax and disposable strips. Now wash your armpit with soap and thoroughly dry it. If your armpit hair is longer than 0.5 cm long, then cut it properly as otherwise it will be more painful and less effective. Now apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and paste the wax strip on it. Now remove the wax strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Now wash it off and apply a little moisturizer on it.
Shaving is one of the easiest, cheapest, and painless methods of removing armpit. It is also used widely across the world because it is readily available. However, it has some disadvantages too. The hair removed through this method tends to grow back quickly and you need to shave frequently to keep your armpits clean. There are various types of razors available for shaving armpit hair and you can take their help. Always use a shaving cream or shaving liquid while you are removing your armpit hair. You could also use some dry razor specifically made for the purpose. However never use a simple razor without shaving cream as you may cut your skin.
Hair Removing Creams
Hair removing creams also called as depilatory creams are also a very common method for removing armpit hair. It can be bought from any drugstore and is very easy to use. In addition, the hair removed from this process takes a few weeks to re grow. You just need to apply it on your armpits and remove them after twenty minutes or the time prescribed on the pack of the hair removing cream. However, you need to take the skin sensitivity test before you apply it as otherwise it can give you rashes and minor skin infections.
This technique leads to permanent hair removal and you can get rid of your armpit hair once and for all. However, it is a costly method and you need to visit a professional to do it. In this method, a probe is used that is put in inside the hair follicle and a small electric shock is given thereby killing the hair in situ.

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