Having hair in the upper lip can be quite embarrassing, as it can mar the look of a female completely. Read the article below to find different remedies for removing upper lip hair.

Upper Lip Hair Removal

For women, having hair on the upper lip is not considered as a sexy attribute. Moreover, it is quite embarrassing as it looks very odd and bothers a lot. To make matters worse, girls with black hair on their upper lip sometimes end up looking like adolescent boys. Upper lip hair can result in a lost sense of self-confidence and self-worth in many girls. If you are also harassed by the hairline on your upper lip region, here is a relief. There are a number of methods available for getting rid of hair on the upper lip. While methods like electrolysis are permanent and costly, threading, waxing, and shaving are faster and less expensive ways to get rid of the unwanted hair. Before going for any method, it is important for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. At the end, select the one that suits the cost, sensitivity of skin and time involved. Given here are some remedies for removing upper lip hair.
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Remedies For Removing Upper Lip Hair
For those few noticeable hair on the upper lip, tweezing is the best way to pinch them out. This turns out to be the most inexpensive method to get rid of that unsightly lip hair. Since the area being treated is small, a simple tool like tweezers is enough to do the job. Though you might feel minor tingling initially, the pain will subside after a few minutes.
Threading is the most widely used method for removing upper lip hair. Though this option is a little painful, but it helps in getting rid of the tiniest and finest hair from the root. Once done, the hair is only visible after 15 days. Hence, threading is quite convenient and affordable.
Shaving is another quick way to remove hair from the upper lip. While shaving, ensure that the razor is sharp to avoid any nicks or cuts of the skin. Shaving can cause razor burns and minor skin irritation, which can be reduced by applying aloe vera lotion to the area, after the entire process. But, the results of shaving lasts only for 5 to 7 days after which it has to be repeated again.
Yet another method for getting rid of upper lip hair, waxing provides a long-lasting result with hair growing back after 20 to 25 days. Waxing is done using one of the different waxes available in the market like hot wax, cold wax, sugar wax, etc. A small amount of wax is applied to the upper lip area with a spatula. The region is then covered with a cotton cloth or cotton strip. The strip is pressed gently and pulled off at once. Though waxing can be quite painful, it gives you a hair-free and smooth looking skin thereafter.
Cream Depilatories
Cream depilatories are another way to remove the unwanted hair on your upper lip. The cream is first applied to the area and left for 10 to 15 minutes, giving you a bit of chemical burn feeling. Then the depilatories are used to rinse away the mush to give you a soft, smooth skin. Most depilatories come with an astringent or lotion-type product that is applied after hair removal to avoid skin irritation. Since this method removes hair only from the surface of the skin, the clear skin lasts only for 3 to 5 days.
In case you are looking for a solution to get rid of the upper lip hair permanently, the above methods are not of use to you. Though they are very effective, you need to spend money and time again and again. It is here that electrolysis comes to your rescue, to remove hair permanently. The method destroys hair follicles using low voltage electricity. However, this permanent method requires you to pay a lot. When going for electrolysis, get it done by an experienced practitioner or a cosmetologist, as it can damage the skin and leave scars behind when done incorrectly.

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