Earrings are just not any other accessory! Read more to know about choosing the best earrings for your hairstyle.

Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Hair Style

When celebrities walk down the red carpet, millions of eyes are on them. From media to general public, everyone look up to them to see high-end celebrity fashion. Recently in Academy Awards, Angelina Jolie caught the attention of millions with her striking Emerald earrings, when she walked down the red carpet. Similarly, Oscar Award winner Sandra Bullock looked simply stunning with her diamond stud earrings, which complemented her hairstyle. Replicas of celebrity earrings are easily available all around and women are eager to make them a part of their wardrobe and flaunt around the celebrity look. However, it isn’t necessary that the same pair of earrings will also make you look stunning! Don’t underestimate the importance of earrings. They are just not another piece of accessory. There is more to choosing earrings then just picking those, which catches your eyes. The elegance and simplicity conveyed by your dress and hairstyle shouldn’t be undermined by your choice of earrings. So, it’s important to pick that beautiful pair of earring, which flatters your hairstyle, makeup and dress. Here are a few tips, which will help you in picking the earrings, which complement your hairstyle. 
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How To Choose Earrings For Your Hairstyle 
  • If you have medium to long length hair, then you should choose hoop-style earrings with caution. Hoop-style earrings add weight and curves to your face, making your face look round. If you have round face, then you should pick earrings of oval shape than going for circles. Choosing rectangular or square styled hoops is another way of adding dimension to your round face paired with long hair. Other styles, which will work best with long hair, are elongated and oblong shaped earrings. You can also choose to experiment with long danglers and chandelier style of earrings.
  • If you are wearing your hair into an up-do, then your perfect pick can be dimensional earrings, such as squares, diamond, or gold drops. With an up-do, you can emphasize your neck area and for that, long beaded earrings or chandelier earrings can be your pick. Teardrop earrings would also be a good option for an up-do hairstyle.
  • If you have short hair, then you have a wide variety to choose from. Short hair are just perfect for showing off your earrings! You don’t have to worry about your earrings being hidden by your hair. With short hairs, you can pick anything from a plain button earring to stylish hoop or dangle. However, before making choices keep in mind the overall look. If you have super short hair then big hoops or dangle might look overwhelming. So, it’s important to choose the earrings, which complement your hair cut.
  • If on a hot day, you plan to tie your hair in a ponytail then it’s a great idea to choose drop earrings in bright colors. You can also look for earrings in earthly materials like bamboo, wood, and cork. These great choices will grab the attention of all and you will surely steal the scene.
  • If you are the one, who likes headband trend, then you should opt for a pair of swing or chandelier earrings.
  • If you plan to wear your hair half up / down, then you can pick long and lean drop earrings to streamline your look. Or go for hoop earrings in subdued metals like rose gold or bronze. 
  • Maintain balance between your other jewelry and earrings. Too much jewelry can make you appear like a Christmas tree. If you plan to wear a big and highly distinctive piece of jewelry then, avoid wearing any other jewelry. For example, if you are wearing chunky earrings then avoid wearing necklace.

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