Choosing the right hairstyle may not be an easy bet but knowing what suits your style can get you high up on the fashion ladder. Know how to select the right hairstyle here and get a high.

How To Choose The Right Hairstyle

Forget the brushes, bobby pins, tongs, and flat iron! Pep up your tresses with easy to style low maintenance hairstyles and rock the diva in you. A special date, a black-tie event or a bridesmaid bash can get you on an unending struggle with your straightening iron, mousse and mane. While it’s practically impossible to coif up that celeb like hairdo without blowing away big bucks on a posh salon, a right hairstyle can often get you where you want to go. All said and styled, choosing that right hairstyle can often be the toughest bet, as far as the bait goes. While it is easy to fall for a celeb like hairdo, understand that a style that flatters Jennifer Aniston can look total dud on you. The cue is to go for a hairstyle that plays on your best features and not your favorite celebrity hotshot. This is an understanding that eludes most women who often opt for a bob or a layer with little or no understanding of what actually looks flattering on them. If you are planning a makeover and don’t know which style  to go for, knowing more on how to select the right hairstyle can land you up with a totally ‘wow’ looks. Read on to know more on this.
How To Select The Right Hairstyle
Round Face
Doesn’t matter if you are fuller-faced like Cameron Diaz or have a more fuller-body like Kelly Ozbourne, a sleek hairstyle can axe the extra attention from your non-angular lineaments and add more definition to your facial contours. Soft, choppy layers work big time for the round faced than flat, sleek hairdos. A deep, side-swept bang that creates an arc adds to the length of your face and cuts down the plumpness of your features. Soft curls, long bobs and thick waves would look great on this face. Stay away from a short hairstyle as it will only add to the volume of your face.
Oval Face
If you are lucky enough to be blessed with that oh-so-enviable oval shaped face just like Jennifer Aniston, pat yourself for being born with the most versatile shape. An oval shaped face can pull off almost all hairstyles with panache save for the uber-short look. Also avoid bangs, heavy fringes or any other style that adds weight to your feature. Doing so will only make your hair totally out of place. You can go for sleek layers, large waves, a formal chignon or fancy curls. Almost anything would look good in an oval shaped face.
Long Face
Choosing that perfect hairstyle for a long face maybe a tricky bet! Now only if choosing a hairstyle was as simple as putting up a bun. Long faced people have a slender face and narrow bone structure. The cue for perfect styling is to choose a hairstyle that takes the attention away from the length of your face. That means, short crops, bobs, blunts and short layers are an absolute no-no! When looking for a hairstyle for your long face sweepy, layered bangs are the real bet. Curls, waves and even neck-long bobs would make you look like a total hottie!
Square Face
Whether you have an angular jawline, a solid face and strong broad features, know that even square faced women can look hot. Consider Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie and the sultry hot Megan Fox! A square face can be transformed into a real beauty with anything geometric. Dump the chin-length bob and the blunt-cut bangs and go for soft curves, voluminous layers, light, wispy bangs to soften the features and look stunning.
Heart-Shaped Face
If you have a pointy chin and enhanced cheekbones, bob is the cut to go for! A cut that camouflages the hairline with bangs or choppy style that flips towards the end can equalize the features by adding volume to the lower end of your face. In case you have a narrow top and heavier jawline, just go for a choppy haircut with maximum volume on the top to even out the features.

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