Redefine yourself with latest fashionable wavy hairstyles this season and capture the attention of masses. Read on this article to know more about wavy hairstyles.

Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Are you trying to look out for latest hairstyles? Do you want to know which hairstyles are ‘in’ now? Then you might be looking up at the celebrities on the pages of glossy magazines. Famous celebrities like Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, or Jessica Simpson are not only famous for their unparalleled acting skills or their fame tag but are also popular for their endeavor in latest hairstyles. We love to go gaga over the celebrities, whether it’s Jessica Simpson who goes flirtatious with her shoulder length wavy hair tied back or Jennifer Aniston, with her long wavy tapering hairlines leaving her fans imperative. There is no denying the fact that hair makeover is the best and certainly the easiest way to a complete makeover. What better time to experiment with a new hairstyle, than this season, with ‘change’ as the motto and a la mode of this year. The best way to experiment with your hair is to go the wavy way, as wavy hairdos are the hottest key trend this year. Be it a lollygag or a beach posse, it goes well with any occasion. It gives the look, sets the trend, and speaks out your mood. It is neither straight nor curly but the cousin of both. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a new you and express your individuality and uniqueness with this hairstyle. Given below are some of the different wavy hairstyles.
Popular Wavy Hairstyles For Women
Classic Bob 
This suits the women who have thin medium length hair falling at the middle of their neck. Classic bob will add layers to it and your hair will appear springy and bouncy. The hair is slightly curled up with large waves in the ends facing the cheeks. You can get this look by blow-drying the sides under in small sections. Pull your hair around your face in a curving motion to add volume to your hair. This hairstyle is ideal for simple functions or parties. Amy Poelher of ‘Baby Mama’ fame graces the look.
Wavy Shag
This hairstyle gives a sexy and chic charm. Let the layers be long, however, not too much because it will look frizzier. Razor can be used to give a slender look for women with straight hair. In case of women with natural wavy hair a light razor touch up will do. Long earrings beneath the hair will give a burnished look. Amanda Seyfried of the famous ‘Mamma Mia’ sports this look.
Scene Hairstyles
Shampoo your hair thoroughly, rub a little texture balm on your palms, and apply it on your hair. Later flip your hair upside down, sprinkle hair spray, and comb your hair with your fingers. Layered hairstyle adds a lot of volume and it suits best with medium length hair. You could leave the middle portion of the hair wavy and straighten the ends to give a stylish and elegant look. In this style you need to cut your hair in a tapering fashion, into deep layers and long bangs all around and shorter towards the nape of your neck. This style becomes more vivid when it is accompanied by Cleopatra bangs. 
Jagged Hairstyles
It suits the women with short hair, with the tips of the hair tapered in a short, soft, and a wavy style. Apply moisturizer; spread it evenly through the middle till the ends. Use sculpture lotion for a strong hold. This adds up to the messy look as well. Comb your hair to the desired direction. Section your hair into the crown, right side, left side, nape of the neck, forward and back separately and blow-dry them individually. For styling use wax to lift the back and flick the sides up, and also gently create the messy look towards the back. To finish, apply hairspray.
Layered Bob
This suits best for women who have shoulder length hair. Use styling mousse to set the hairstyle, especially on damp hair by applying it on your palms and evenly distributing it on the hair shaft. Take a partition to the left. Side partition gives great look to long faced woman. Blow dry back of the hair, using a radial brush and a dryer blow the air until the hair is completely dry and curve it at the ends. Blow-dry the sides under in small sections; pull your hair around your face in a curving motion to add volume to your hair. Use a curling iron to curl the back. Open hair gives a trendy and a sporty look whereas short wavy hair tied back gives a formal look.
Graduated Bob
To get a graduated hair cut done, cut the hair short at the back and near the scruff. The side hair can be cut symmetrical or asymmetrical. Side hair should be cut in long and graduated steps near the side of your face. In this, the end hair is layered slightly through the edges, and this enhances the soft curls and promotes a classic finish. This is an elegant style ideal for any special occasion. Adding shades to hair will look more appealing. 
Updo Hairstyles
Comb your hair back and fix it to a bun near the crown. Loosen 2-4 hair strands on either side and some for side bangs. This will soften the look. Updo hairstyles are easy to make and are ideal for parties. Wearing single accessory to the bun and wearing long earrings suits the occasion and goes with the hairstyle. Spraying some hair spray sets the hair intact. Jessica Alba looks classy with this updo look. 
Casual Long Wavy Hairstyles
To get this look apply mousse all over till the tip of your hair and take a long radial hair brush to smoothen the wavy hair textures. Blow dry straight back starting from the neck until it dries up; followed by the sides under evenly in small sections. Place large velcro rollers at the ends of the section of the hair for about 20 minutes or so. Once it is done, hold your hair in place using pins. Finally apply lacquer for stronger hold and leave the hair open.

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