Looking out for the latest and most trendy hairstyles for teenage boys? Browse through the article for information on some of the hottest new hairstyles for boys.

Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

We all live in a world where the looks of a person make the first impression on his/her peer group. This fact holds true particularly for the younger generation. Teenage boys turn out to be just as obsessed with the way they look as teenage girls would be. Everyone wants to sport the latest and trendiest hairdos as sported by the teen icons like Zac Efron, The Jonas Brothers, Chris Brown and the ever-popular David Beckham. Teenage boys like to look great and in-vogue, going in for some of the wackiest and daring haircuts to stand out in a crowd overwhelmingly filled with the latest hairdos. Hairstylists are zealously bringing hairstyles that can be sported by boys with straight, curly, wavy, or thin hair. Nowadays there are versatile haircuts which offer various styling opportunities. Some of the more popular haircuts for teenage boys are discussed below.

Popular Hairdos For Teenage Boys

Short Spiky Hairstyles
Short hair was considered boring for a very long time till its resurgence some years back. It has become quite popular due to its easy maintenance as well as its versatility. By cutting the hair gradually longer, the hair has enough length to be styled and takes the minimum possible time to be whipped up into an exciting and different look. 

Shag Hairstyles
This hairstyle has been sported by popular teen personalities like Justin Bieber and Zac Efron. The hair can be maintained at different lengths to accentuate and give a polished look to the person’s facial features. This kind of a hairdo is not very easy to maintain for those with curly or wavy hair. 

Crew Cuts
Crew cut has been one of the most popular haircuts of all-time. Boys who generally don’t fancy spending a lot of time in front of the mirror generally opt for this haircut as it requires minimum maintenance and can even be made into short spikes with the help of a little styling gel. 

Braid Hairstyles
This look requires the wearer to have naturally curly hair, which can be braided. It is a very popular fashion statement among African-Americans and is fast gaining popularity with others who have hair that can be braided. 

Buzz Cut
For boys who have male pattern baldness or who prefer to not look into a mirror before going out, this style would be a favorite. Sported by celebrities like Jason Statham, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, Matthew Fox and the likes, this is a hugely popular haircut. 

Layered Hairstyles
This style requires the hair to be cut in different layers. A short fringe can be added as one of the layers; it can be turned up with the help of styling for an exciting look or combed downwards for a neat and tidy look. The layers can be kept long or short at the back to achieve a unique style that suits the facial features of the person sporting the look. 

A cool hairdo adds a lot to the confidence of teenage boys, so if they manage to pull it off, boys can also go in for Mohawks or a complete bald look if it goes with their attitude.

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