Boys usually sport short hairstyles/ haircuts. However, keeping in mind the flow of fashion, we have provided a few cool, yet simple haircut styles for boys.

Boys Hairstyles

The call of fashion demands everyone to don a stylish haircut, since no one likes the idea of being taunted as fashionably challenged. However, the saying ‘Boys will be Boys’ should be kept in mind while deciding on a suitable hairstyle for them. The fact that these active lots spend more time in the playground rather than the mirror should not be disregarded. As far as possible, boys should bear short hair styles that are easy to maintain and style. However keeping in mind the flow of fashion, we have provided a few simple ideas of how boys too can play with their hairs and get cool hairstyles.
Haircut Styles for Boys
Buzz Cut / Crew Cut
This is a super-short hairstyle, meant for super-active boys. It requires little or no combing and is therefore very easy to maintain. The best part is that it leaves you with a sheared, but trendy head. Here, the hair is cut very short, with clippers, to a length that varies from half an inch to 1/8th of an inch. It is one of the best hairstyles to fix-on during summers and is suitable for boys with limp hair.
Comb Down
Another good alternative is the comb down style. It is quite different from buzz cut, but is equally manageable and trendy. Here, the hair length is cut just above the eyebrows and combed down. The sides and the back are kept comparatively longer than the rest of the hair. Because the length of the hair is generally longer in comb down, it is an apt style for the cooler months.
Side Sweep
The side sweep style gives a mature look to the face and is great to sport during formal occasions. It is suitable for boys who are not very energetic or active, as it requires a bit of maintenance. It offers scope for versatile treatments and can be donned with both, long and short hair. The hair is brushed to the preferred side to form a sweep and then combed in style.

Spiky hairstyle is popular for its easy maintenance and its punk feel. It can be sported in different fashionable ways, without making too much fuss over the maintenance. From short spikes to spiking only the middle portion of the hair, there are different varieties of style offered by this cut. The best part is that it complements and goes well with almost all types of face cuts.

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