Punk is one of the trendiest hairstyles in fashion nowadays. Check out some latest punk hair styles for boys.

Punk Hairstyles

Punk hairstyles have always been liked by the young and rebellious and have still not lost their charm. After luring the youngsters for three decades, the punk hairstyle is now slowly making in-roads into the lives of so-called civilized people. Today, the perception towards these hairstyles has changed drastically and more and more people are opting for this look, to appear cool and stylish. Moreover, the famous football player Beckham has become quite a hot property amongst both girls and boys because of his striking Mohawk punk hairstyle. If you want to try the funky look, read on.
The Latest…
The latest trend in men hairdos is undoubtedly the punk hairstyle. The unconventional look is gradually alluring the conventional men with zeal. The focus nowadays is more on subtle punk haircuts, such as the urban Mohawk. Unlike the spiky shockwave that boy bands wear, this hair style is modern yet simple. The hair are cut shorter on the sides and kept thicker in the middle. It gives a sober look, which is not defiant in any manner. Urban Mohawk has thus, become the hottest style statement for men, owing to its versatility. It can be worn either by a gel for a cool look or just slicked back for a more formal look.
Types of Punk Hairstyles
The biggest strength of punk hairstyles is that they can be donned by anybody. They can be very wild and very sober, as per the wishes of the wearer. Some of the common punk hair styles are given below.
Original Punk Style
In this style, the hair is spiked at the center using gel. After this, the hair is dyed pink or purple. This was quite common in 1980s and is preferred by the extremely adventurous lot.
Skate Punk Style
In this style, hair is trimmed and dyed unevenly. It is usually a short hairstyle and gives a cute, naughty look.
Horror Punk Style
It is basically a Mohawk style, wherein hair is dyed black-blue or only black. After this, the scalp is shaved, leaving behind a strip that starts at the forehead and leads to the neck. You can even spike the hair strip for a wilder look.
Pop Punk Style

This is essentially a long hair style. In this, half the length of the hair is dyed in different light color dyes.

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