Punk hair is very much in fashion with people who take a different road. Read on to know different kinds of punk hairstyles for women.

Punk Haircuts For Women

Pink is not like any usual female pop star and has always been a little different and unique in her own peculiar ways, whether it is the makeup or the hairstyle. She always had her hair colored, all made up in the most extraordinary way. The hairstyle what she chose for herself is called a punk hairstyle. There are many other celebrities who adorn a punk hairstyle, with the likes of Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and Kelly Osbourne etc. Punk is a complete anti-thesis of fashion and it means societal conformance. Punk is not meant for anyone and is usually for younger women who want a unique and erratic hairstyle and would like to set a style statement of their own. The punk hairstyles are known for the bizarre yet colorful look. It started off as a part of music trends and established a new genre of hairstyles three decades back. The wilder the hairstyle is, the better it looks. The actual reason behind punk hairstyle is letting loose of the chains and to give a more rebellious and shocking look to others. Though it was believed to have met a silent death in the 80’s, the fact is punk never died and it returned with a vengeance after a decade. Explore the following pointers to know about the types of punk haircuts. 

Types Of Punk Haircuts
Remember punk is not a very usual kind of a haircut and so do not go for it unless you are quite comfortable with it. Punk hairstyle shouldn’t contradict your personality entirely. It shouldn’t be like choosing a hairstyle at the cost of losing your own style sense. However, if you are ready, go for it, break the rules, and try it out. 

Popular Punk Haircuts
There are no cuts specifically called punk. It is the styling of a hairstyle that is called a punk. You can make a punk out of anything from a short cut to a longer one. 

Best suited for a night out or for daily adventures, but can kick off a controversy at any office. This is a kind of yardstick of punk hairstyle and its origin is related to the infamous rocker Wendy O’Williams. 

How To Get The Look:
This can be done by styling the hair straight up from the middle of the scalp with shaved halves or you can even opt for a different one, which has tall liberty spikes. There are very many variations that you can opt for in a Mohawk hairstyle like deathhawk, dreadhawk, crosshawk, fanned Mohawk etc, to add on the versatility. 

It is a perfect rock hairstyle for any punk girl who wants a variety in punk style. It is very popular with the mainstream punk scene. 

How To Get The Look:
For this haircut, you need to have your hair shortened in even lengths all over the head. A razor cut will add a broken edge that is perfect for messy styling. Add some bold striking colors to your shag, which will add on to your punk appeal. To give it an urban air, you can color the bottom half of your cut dark, and bleach out the crown portion. 

Sinead O' Conner was one bold star who let many heads turn when she embraced a skinhead look. Though it stirred quite a controversy, her fans loved her rebellious statement and in no time, a skinhead look became the new punk rock girl image. Today, a tonsured head is the most extreme of all punk cuts. 

How To Get The Look:
A completely tonsured head with an option of exotic piercing or tattoos can really make a style statement.

Skater Cut
They are meant for girls who prefer short hairs with a little bit of swing. 

How To Get The Look:
For the skater cut, you need to shave the hair on both the sides and let the top hang in a long, asymmetrical fashion. You can make it more girly and colorful by tipping the ends of the hair with a dark or neon hair color. Spiking it or twisting in mini dreads can give it a better look. 

Fierce Color
This is a very important element for a punk hair. There aren’t many rules for color and so you can color your hair in any bold color. If you prefer a meaner look, go for a wild green color and try a pink hair if you want a feminine flair. 

How To Get The Look:
The best option is neon bright color when you are trying to achieve ultimate punk status. However, at times bleached bottle hair will work as well. Change your colors quite often for a chameleon look.

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