Long emo hair styles are a raging fad amongst the girls of today, for achieving the punk look. Check out some long emo haircuts and hairstyles for females.

Long Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo is the style of music, belonging to the rock music. Such kind of music is generally accompanied with confessional lyrics. This music started a serious punk movement in the States.  Emo stands for emotional and the pioneering bands of this genre of music in the 1980s were Rites of Spring, Embrace, etc. Emo culture has also found its expression in fashion amongst youngsters. The teenagers like to express themselves in the emo fashion by wearing tight jeans, tight t-shirts, studded belts, wrist bands, skater shoes––all of it is generally wore in black, mixed and matched with other really bright colors. Then there are emo hairstyles for both men and women. It has a peculiar look of very thin, flat and smooth hair. The hairstyle comprises of having lots of fringes on the sides and at the back of the head. It is incorporated with lots of bangs on the forehead and on the crown. The bangs are generally long enough to be swept over the eyes. The hair is generally dyed with dark black hair-dye. Sometimes the hair is also highlighted with very bright colors like with striking shades of pink, red, etc. It dramatizes the facial features and brings out the Bohemian attitude of an individual. It espouses an individual’s uniqueness and freedom of expression. Thus, a person who adopts an emo haircut expresses him/herself through his/her hair. Therefore, nothing that is commonplace is emo. Easy to set, in case of both short and long hair, emo hairstyles have become a raging fad amongst the females. Check out this article to know about some trendy emo haircut styles for girls.
Long Emo Hairstyles for Girls
Long Emo
A long and disheveled look is what describes a long emo hair cut best. Here, the hairs are kept long and straight. Like in case of a short emo cut, the bangs are styled in a long fringe and then parted to one side of the face. You can sweep the bangs to any side, though a left parting that makes the bangs fall to the ride side of the face is more in style. Many girls also opt for a layered haircut that goes well with long bangs. 
Emo Bangs
Emo bangs should underline the emo cut. For those with sleek and straight hair, achieving emo bangs is easy. The hair near the forehead is chopped off, so that they neatly fall forward, as long bangs. However, for those with frizzy and curly hair, it is difficult to bring out the actual look associated with emo bangs. Smoothening lotions like hair wax, hair gels, hair sprays and hair serums will help to control unruly bangs. Apart from that, hair straighteners and hair irons will also help to achieve true emo bangs.
Emo Highlights
Coloring the hair and adding highlights or streaks forms an important trademark of the emo cut. Usually, the bangs are highlighted in varying tones of light and dark colors. Unconventional hair colors, like deep red, blue and purple, are most popular amongst the emo lovers. Apart from highlighting the bangs, one can also highlight the shaggy layers. Another popular technique is to dye the color jet black or in an unusual shade and top it with highlighted bangs.
Get An Emo
  • First of all be sure of what exactly you want. Emo comprises of side swept bangs and lots of fringes. You must search online what you really want. When you find the one that you want, keep the picture with you.
  • Now go to your hairdresser and tell him/her that you want really sharp razor trim. You must also ask your stylist to thin out your hair at the edges. An old fashioned Emo involves thick hair at the top and thin and straight at the bottom.  Remember that you should not go over the top with the layers in your hair. If you get too many layers then it might get too cumbersome for you to style it every day.
  • Remember that you have to leave the length of your hair as it is. Your hair will look thin anyway with all those razor sharp bangs therefore long length shall be retained. Also, emo hairstyle needs a trim every 6-8 weeks. This will help you to get rid of the ragged ends from time to time.
  • You can dye your emo hairdo. You can choose striking colors like jet black, neon, red, dark purple or pink, etc. If you have the budget and time then you can also make a visit to a salon and get the highlights done professionally. You can also start from temporary colors first, just to get the hang of how a particular shade of color will look on you. Once you have tried this temporary color then wash it off and get a permanent hair dye for your emo bangs.
  • While styling your hair at home, you can use a straightener. It will help your hair to look sleek and flat. Especially if you have thick and curly hair then without a hair straightener you will never be able to achieve a perfect emo. The true essence of an emo haircut lies in its flat and straight look. But as it might damage your hair to use a hair straightener on the daily basis, therefore, you must make it habit to use a heat protectant before using it.

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