Camouflage wedding dresses are the latest rage and style for high class weddings. Check out information on camo wedding dresses.

Camouflage Wedding Dresses

Want to really stand out on your wedding day? The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is altering the wedding dress. You must have been through a zillion styles, cuts, colors, fittings already! How about dramatically change the wedding and see the surprised look on the faces of your guests? The latest rage to hit the markets is that of camouflage wedding gowns. Creativity is the USP of this design and it provides a fresh twist from the traditional wedding dresses. You may go for a sexy halter dress in a camouflage print or a full fledged gown in the camouflage fabric.
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Reason for Choosing Camouflage Wedding Dress
The primary reason could be that you want a change from the traditional and conventional wedding dresses and want to do something for your own wedding. Camouflage wedding dresses are also appropriate if you have a military background in your family. What better way to honor the military affiliation than by using a camouflage gown for your wedding. It is also one of the most comfortable choices for a wedding gown and one can always alter it later to transform it into a sexy evening dress. The bride may also choose to display her love for the outdoors and exhibit her adventurous spirit by wearing it.
Camouflage Dress Styles
Camouflage wedding dresses can be formal as well as informal. Many designers will design the gown as per your style or need. You can always approach them to give you ideas about the various styles. You can look equally elegant in a formal camouflage dress as you would in the ivory wedding dress. You need to also keep in mind the fact that wedding is a big family affair so consult the close family members from both sides and discuss the idea, lest anyone resent it on the wedding day. You may also choose to use camouflage material in some parts of a traditional wedding gown like the border at the end or like a waist band or a bow. Consider some camouflage wedding dress styles given below and look ravishing on the D-Day! 
  • Band of Camouflage at the Bottom of the Skirt / Gown
  • Band of Camouflage Fabric at the Top of the Bodice
  • Camouflage Underlay
  • Blouse with a Camouflage Skirt
  • Camisole Camouflage Dress
  • Camouflage Skirt Sets
  • Camouflage Trim on the Edge of the Skirt
  • Camouflage Tunic Dress
  • Camouflage Wrap Dresses
  • Formal Strapless Gowns in Camouflage Fabric
  • Halter Style Camouflage Gowns
  • Short or Cap Sleeved Camouflage Gowns
  • White, Ivory, or Beige Gowns with camouflage accents like underlay, bottom band, waistband, etc.

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