Beach wedding can be a casual and stylish affair with the kind of dress you choose. Check out some ideas for beach wedding attire.

Beach Wedding Dresses

A marriage is a very special event of a person’s life and everyone wants to do something different in their wedding. How about you plan your wedding in an unconventional way? Away from the church and the same puffy wedding gowns! A beach wedding sounds like not just fun, but is definitely a hot and classy affair. Exchanging wedding vows on the sandy shores with the sun and ocean forming the perfect backdrop, there is nothing you could ask for more. Of course, the one thing to be kept in mind is your wedding dress. These days, many designers cater to your needs and also give you a variety of designs to choose from. Check out some of our ideas for beach wedding dresses.
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Beach Wedding Dress Ideas 
  • The beach is associated with light and breezy clothes that are colorful. So go in for a fabric that is light-weight and breezy like light satins, georgette, chiffons, silk and charmeuse in colors like lime, yellow, light green or light blue. In case you are not open to experiment with colors, go in for shades like white, ivory, off-white or silver.
  • The length of the dress is important. That in turn depends on your height. If you are tall and slender, you can wear a short dress; say that ends at your knees. In case you are not really blessed with long legs, go for a dress that enhances your waistline and torso and makes them look longer. Opt for a full size straight gown to appear taller.
  • You can buy a beach wedding dress right off the shelf and often, just a few quick alterations are required to make sure that it fits you properly. Don’t go in for puffy gowns with a 10 foot tail. You really don’t want to roam around on the beach wearing that! Check different styles and try out different cuts to see which one suits you and buy only if it fits you properly.
  • Try different accessories to enhance your dress. Get a brooch shaped like a star-fish or a dolphin that has precious glittering stones studded. You may also buy a bracelet that has flowers of different colors. Get a nice pair of pearl earrings and matching pearl necklace to get the beach feel. Get a satin sash and tie it around your waist tightly to enhance your waistline.
  • You may also get a beach wedding dress that has unique style and cut. Get an asymmetric dress that is full at the back and slowly tapers up the leg as it comes to the front and ends right below the knees. The gown can have a mermaid cut that will smoothen out flaws and enhance your curves.

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