Wondering how to cut or trim your own bangs? Check out information and tips on cutting hair bangs.

How To Cut Bangs

Bangs are perfect for a stylish look and a lot of women prefer them for making a more assertive style statement. They give an impression of loads of attitude and confidence. Moreover, they make you look extremely sexy and hot. Don’t you just love to see those gorgeous bangs forming that perfect frame for your face? However, it is about time you give them a cutting, for they have been growing haphazardly. At the same time, you feel too lazy to go to the salon and also want to know how creative can you be with your hair. Experimenting with your hair can be fun, provided you are cautious and careful about it. It is better to seek professional help, if you are not too sure that you will be able to manage the cut. If you want to try it out yourself, which is possible without much hassle, check out this information on how to cut your own bangs.
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How To Cut Hair Bangs Yourself 
  • You must have the perfect tools for cutting or trimming your hair. This means a sharp pair of professional scissors and a styling comb is a must. Don’t try to cut your hair with craft scissors or paper scissors, since they don’t snip off hair properly.
  • Shampoo your hair and let it dry naturally. Don’t snip off wet bangs, as they may turn out to be shorter when they dry up. Comb your hair as you would normally. Don’t change the direction of the bangs and better keep them straight on your forehead.
  • Gather the front bangs and make sure you have separated them from the rest of the hair. You may tie up rest of your hair in a pony, to make sure they stay out of way. Take care that you don’t cut the side hair along with the bangs.
  • Take a small section and press it between your index finger and middle finger, shaped like scissors. Pull the hair straight and keep it away from your face, so that you can see the strands. Take the scissors and start to trim in upward snips. Keep doing it till all the bangs are neatly trimmed.
  • Make sure you start by cutting a small amount of hair, so that even if something goes wrong, it can be blended by cutting off a slightly more amount. Be careful with your hands, as sharp scissors may hurt badly, if it accidentally snips the skin. 
Important Tips 
  • If you can, invest in a pair of sharp, high quality scissors that are specially designed to cut hair. These scissors are easily available at all the beauty supply stores. Utility scissors that are used to cut paper and cloth may not have the kind of sharpness required to cut hair.
  • For those who have long, shaggy, face-framing bangs, using a razor is a better option than using scissors. A razor is more exact than scissors, which can slip and result in an uneven cut.

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