Hair color for dark skin tones can be easily figured out by paying attention to yourself. Know more about the best hair colors for dark skin.

Hair Color For Dark Skin

Hair color is the latest trend in hair styling. Not only does it covers grey hair, but also proves to be a style statement. In fact, hair coloring has become a way of sprucing up your hair, which not only changes your look, but also gives you a completely new identity. It portrays you as an experimental and modern person, who moves with the pace of the world. However, in the endeavor of proving yourself as a fashion freak, you should not forget that every trend has its prerequisites. You will not look good if you blindly ape the world around. Hair color should be chosen very wisely, considering factors like your natural hair color, skin complexion, eye color, etc.
While going for hair color, one should keep in mind that there are different colors for different skin tones. Fair, medium and dark complexioned people need to apply different colors that compliment them accordingly. One of the most important things to be kept in mind while choosing hair color is that you should never to opt for an extremely contrasting one. Rather, go for the one that matches your skin type. For example, dark complexioned people should stick to darker shades. Want to know more about hair colors for people with dark skin tones? If yes, read on further.
Best Hairs Color For Dark Skin 
  • Darker skin can pull off the dramatic shades of purple and mahogany quite well.
  • If your skin is naturally dark or olive, stick to darker hair colors as well. Warm skin tones look good with dark and rich colors, such as deep auburn. Cool undertones go with neutral tones, such as beige blonde and chocolate brown.
  • Do not go for a blonde color that has yellow undertones, if you have dark or olive skin tones.
  • With dark skin tones, it is better to go for blondes for deep golden hues, rather than light ones.
  • A subtle honey blond highlights in the front and side section of hair will draw attention to your face and features.
  • Go for golden shades, like caramel and bronze, in a shade that is darker than your skin.
  • Dark brown, plum or black can be accented with plum or burgundy highlights for dark skin.
  • Copper color can also be considered for dark skin tones.
  • You can choose from blue-black, deep coffee brown, medium ash brown, medium golden brown, dishwater blonde and platinum blonde.
  • When going for highlights, choose wheat, honey, taupe or ash shades.
  • You can compliment your hair color with shades of raven blacks, cool ash browns and cool browns. 
  • Choose burgundy or fire engine red, in case you are willing to do something dramatic with your hair.
  • People with dark skin should avoid yellow, gold, bronze and red tones, as these can give them a sallow look.
  • To cover gray hair, go in for permanent hair coloring.
  • In case you have frizzy hair, choose dark colors as it can mask the frizz, giving your hair a healthier, smarter look.

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