People with a dark skin or complexion must select their hair highlight carefully. Check out some ideas for dark skin highlights.

Highlights For Dark Skin

Colors affect each and every aspect of our grooming. People with light complexion usually carry off light colors like blonde, yellow, beige, etc. well, while people with dark skin look good with slightly more intense and dramatic colors like browns, plum, burgundy, etc. Hair color should also be chosen in accordance to your skin color. People with dark complexion should avoid light streaks like blondes and yellows as it makes them look darker and does not suit their skin. Instead, they can carry off dramatic shades like copper and mahogany.
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The dark skin is capable of displaying impressive changes when the hair is colored. There is much more frame for the face and the facial features have a softer accent. This is the reason why one must consider the skin color while choosing hair color. Too much contrast will make the face look strikingly odd and instead of lending a soft look, it may accentuate the flaws and draw unnecessary attention towards the face. When something tends to form a sharp contrast, it usually attracts unwanted attention and same is the case with hair colors. Check out some ideas for dark skin highlights.
Ideas for Dark Skin Highlight 
  • First and foremost; you need to avoid blonde and light hues in browns. They will show up on your head as something entirely different and may even make your hair look unhealthy.
  • If you have light wheat complexion, colors like auburn and chestnut brown should look good on your hair. Get a few streaks done first and notice how it looks. Thereafter, you will have a better idea as to whether it will look good all over your hair.
  • If your complexion is tan or olive, consider getting hair colors like burgundy or a dark brown. They will lend a uniform look to your face and provide a soft frame.
  • In case, you have sharp features and a smooth skin, get subtle honey colored streaks in the front. This will frame your face and will accentuate your best features.
  • People who have darker skin tones can opt for copper and mahogany colors to get highlights. These two colors can dramatically change the entire look of the face and will make you look gorgeous.
  • You can also use combinations like dark plum and burgundy to accentuate and highlight the face and also make the hair look stunning with two similar but slightly varied shades.

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