Don’t let your negligence manifest into ugly dark circles. Find ahead a few tips on how to remove under eye dark circles.

How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

You have a hectic work schedule and have been working round the clock. To add to that the Friday evening party is tomorrow and you have absolutely no time to rest. You finish work just to get in time to get ready for the party. You find yourself unwinding the week’s stress in the party. As you meet one of your friends you haven’t met for ages, she asks you whether you are tired. You surprisingly are not but when glance at yourself in a hall mirror you realize the dark circles make you look more like a panda than a lady. You return home and over the weekend try all possible cosmetics to get rid of the hovering circles that seem to have got comfortable under your eyes. We all face this situation in our lifetime. Too much work, lack of sleep, high stress levels and an irregular lifestyle takes its toll on the body. While some people are born with dark circles, others push themselves beyond repair. How many of us actually sleep peacefully for eight hours in a day? How many of us make an effort to drink sufficient water (up to two liters of water daily) our bodies require? How many of us have no time to make good food and rely on the quick and easy fast food available? There would be many people who take their bodies for granted and it eventually shows. Like your mind, your body needs rest too. There are various cosmetics as well as home remedies available to alleviate dark circles or at least reduce them. A few tips to remove dark circles are mentioned below.
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Under Eye Dark Circle Removal Tips 
  • In order to keep the body and mind healthy, at least 8 hours of sleep is required. This not only helps prevent dark circles but also gives the sparkle in your eyes.
  • The body requires at least 2 liters of liquid each day to make your skin smooth.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet is also essential. Nutritious products such as green vegetables, fruits and dairy products are healthy. Dark circles are formed due to iron deficiency, therefore increased intake of food rich in iron will help.
  • A natural bleaching agent is potato juice. Take the juice of a potato in a bowl. Soak cotton swabs in the juice and keep on eyes for around 20 minutes. This will help in reducing dark circles.
  • Cucumber also has refreshing and cooling qualities. Cucumber juice will also do wonders in removing dark circles.
  • Another natural ingredient is tea water which helps in reducing puffiness and dark circles. Boil tea leaves in a pot. Strain leaves and leave tea water in the refrigerator to cool in an ice tray. You can wrap the tea ice cubes in a cloth and keep on eye for around 20 minutes to get refreshing results.
  • Applying sunscreen lotions and wearing sun glasses when going outdoors helps in harmful exposure from the sun.
  • Another method is by using milks powder and honey. Mix a teaspoon of milk powder with honey. Apply the paste onto eyes and leave on for few minutes.
  • Before sleeping you could use an under eye cream to reduce dark circles. The cream is applied at night as the skin absorbs best when the body is rested.
  • If you are going out, you could use a concealer of a lighter shade to hide dark circles.

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