Dark circles are the second most common dermatological problem only next to acne. Reasons why dark circles are conspicuous in human beings are told here.

The Reasons Why People Get Dark Circles

Women and beauty are born twins and anything that comes in between them can truly cause havoc. ‘Blue luggage’ or the dark circles is one of the reasons that can give a woman sleepless nights. The bruised look of her eyes can even kick off a talk at kitty parties, for women are women. On a serious note, dark circles are considered to be one of the very common dermatological problems that trouble many a women across the world. Though doctors claim that dark circles are nothing but oxidizing hemoglobin, there are many a reasons that can cause dark circles. Given here are some of the reasons why people get dark circles.
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Why Do People Get Dark Circles
Dark circles are generally carried on from generation to generation as an unwanted inheritance. If you are having dark circles there is a greater chance that others in your family also have them.
Exposure To Sun 
High exposure to sun causes the melanin production under the eyes to rise. This can lead to higher pigmentation and which ends up in the natural production of pigmentation and this paves way for dark circles.
Not only skin allergies like eczema, allergic asthma can also trigger the formation of dark circles. Allergies like asthma can cause itching of eyes as well as skin beneath it, which can result in the formation of under eye dark circles.
People taking some kinds of medication can at times find dark circle formations under their eyes. This is due to the fact that some medicines dilate the blood vessels and since the skin beneath the eyes is rather delicate, the flow of blood shows in the form of dark circles. 

Lack of proper food and enough nutrients also can result in the formation of dark circles around the eyes. 

Lack Of Enough Sleep 
If you didn’t get enough sleep or feeling excessive tiredness, it can result in the dark circle formation. This is because without proper sleep there are chances of the blood flow under the eyes becoming more conspicuous. Since the skin under the eye is very delicate it becomes more visible.
Pregnancy And Menstruation 
There are too many hormonal changes happening when you are pregnant, same is the case with menstruation. This can also be a reason for the dark circle formation.
This is yet another important factor that can be a reason for the dark circles under your eyes. As you age there are chances of your skin becoming paler and duller and this can result in the dark circle formation as well.

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