Since arms and sleeves are the most time-tested place for tattoos, filling the whole arm with tattoos can be quite creative. Here are some tattoo designs for the whole arm.

Full Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are not just an indelible mark with ink on the skin; it shows the ideas that a person endorses and also the fact that the person wears his or her attitude on his or her sleeve. People have regularly experimented with various body parts that they love to wear their ‘attitudes’ on, which also speaks of how new or seasoned they are in terms of tattoo art. For instance, those who are new to the whole tattoo art scene would not like to attract too much attention so they get a tattoo on the upper back or even the ankles. Those who do want to show off their love get their whole arms tattooed with either large design, a theme design or several designs strung together. Full arm tattoos are always the boldest statement that tattoo lovers make and most people who enjoy getting tattooed get their whole sleeve tattooed. Here are some ideas for tattoos for the whole sleeve.
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Tattoo Ideas For The Whole Sleeve 
Here are some ideas for tattoo designs for the whole arm or sleeve:
Theme Designs 
If you are unable to decide on one specific design for the whole arm, you could choose a theme wherein a whole design could fill your hand. Flames are an excellent example, for instance – men are often seen with the tattoo of flames dancing all over their hands and woman are often seen with delicate creepers all over the sleeves or some women even have butterflies of all sizes and colours painted on their arms. Such tattoos are always better when one finds it difficult to choose a design from the ones given and cannot even think up of a design. With these kinds of designs people can have fun and one cannot go wrong with them.
Japanese Designs
Japanese tattoos are another great option especially if you want to go for something that is not too common, yet is neither too abstract nor completely custom made - which could always pose problems of proportion. Japanese designs have excellent flow, irrespective of whether they are made for men or women. They also never go out of style and have been known to stand test of time and seems to always be popular, unlike other styles such as tribal. There are many different types that you could choose from like koi fish tattoos, hannya masks, samurai, dragons, etc. Besides these designs, one of the designs, which have gained huge popularity, is cherry blossom tattoo designs or the Sakura. It consists of a huge cherry tree in blossom with pale pink flowers, some falling from it and others strewn around the tree. Such designs are mostly endorsed by women.
Tribal Designs
Tribal designs are much in fashion right now – they are the ‘in’ thing. Tribal designs are best with any part of the skin, and will look good on both men and women. There are two reasons why an increasing number of people are opting for tribal designs – the broad black ink used to make the designs and the huge expanse of stroke covers. Most classic designs among the tribal category are very popular among first time tattoo enthusiasts, who may not be able to bear too much pain, because they are never too intricate. Moreover, if you already have a traditional tribal tattoo, then you can opt for some other styles like the Samoan, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Maori, etc. Also, since India has her own rich tribal history, you could also go for some indigenous designs too.

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