Before you decide to get inked, it is very important to be aware of all the aspects related to choosing a tattoo. Read on to explore tips on how to choose a tattoo.

How To Choose A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a fancy in almost everyone’s wish list, more so when everywhere they find people sporting a tattoo on their body. In addition, people who still think of tattooing as repulsive and hideous are considered oh so 'uncool'. So, if you are planning to get inked, you have at least enlisted your name in the chic list. However, before giving in to the whim, you need to consider your decision. Tattoo is forever and a lifelong commitment. Period! So, unless you want to go through the painful and costly process of surgery or any other equally painful tattoo removal process, you need to consider many important factors before you graffiti your skin up. At the same time, you need to decide on a design that you would want to sport all your life. In this context, go through the tips given below and know how to choose a tattoo.
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Tips On Choosing A Tattoo 
  • It is very important to choose a tattoo, which is personal and reflects a part of your identity or notion. Don’t just go to the parlor and decide on the first tattoo that takes your fancy. Rather, give it a lot of thought and discuss it with your friends and family as well. A spontaneous decision for a tattoo can prove to be a regret for the whole lifetime.
  • Never give in to the trend of the time, if you want to enjoy your tattoo years down the lane too. The trends will come and go, but the tattoo will remain with you throughout your life. So, browse on net, visit parlors or ask friends who have gone though this experience, and then finalize what you want.
  • Get as much as knowledge about the tattoo design as you can, before actually getting inked. Be very clear about your objectives behind the tattoo. Never get tattooed to please any one. It should mean something to you and not others.
  • Getting a tattoo with the name of your lover or somebody very close to you is a decision you need to think a lot about. Getting you girlfriend's or boyfriend's name tattooed on your body is a bit risky. If you end up having a break up after sometime, it will be very difficult to remove the tattoo.
  • The tattoo that you get should not insult or offend a person or a group of people. Remember that you have to grow old with the tattoo. A naked lady on your arm may look cool now, but you sure would want to get rid of it when you reach the age of fifty. Have a tattoo that you would want to sport throughout your life.
  • Be creative, instead of just copying a design from somewhere else. Consider what kind of tattoo you would like and for that, only your imagination is the limit. You can go for a design or a tattoo with writing. A quote, which reflects your life journey or motto, is also a good option.         
  • Never get tattooed when you are drunk or out of your senses. You might not want to find yourself with a blazing dragon or a skull when you come to your senses. If you are not able to make up your mind about what you want, take your own time. Go for an image that is safe, small and which you are less likely to end up disliking.
  • Don’t go for a very complicated design, if you are a first timer. This is unless you have been waiting for so long and have knowledge about all the know how’s of tattooing, then you can go for it. If you want to play safe, go for simple dull colors like black and brown. The brighter colors fade with time and you would need a touch-up after every few sittings.
  • After you have finalized what you want, go though different designs of your desired tattoo and narrow on one that you like the most. Pick the color in which you want the tattoo to be made. Finally, choose the area where you want the tattoo to be. Narrow on the designer and the parlor and get the tattoo made.

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