You don’t just stop at getting a tattoo, you also need to know how to take care of it. Browse through this article for instructions on how to care for a tattoo.

How To Care For A Tattoo

Tattoos are a style statement. You may not have noticed it, but a lot of people all over the world are giving into the constant drone of the tattoo artist’s needle. Everyday more and more people are making the journey from tattoo virgins to getting inked. For some people getting a tattoo is the epitome of being cool, for some it’s all about making a statement and for some it’s about representing a memory. However, no matter why a person gets a tattoo done, it’s not hard to agree that a tattoo is as artsy as anything on the skin of a human being can get. However, most people who get tattoos done only stop at getting a tattoo and hardly do a thing to take care of it. If you fail to take care of your tattoo or the tattooed area, you are only increasing the chances of the occurrence of an infection and scars. Make a move and read on to establish familiarity with instructions on how to care for a tattoo.
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Caring For A Tattoo 
  • The first and foremost thing to do after getting a tattoo done is to apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment on it. The tattoo artist usually takes care of applying the antibiotic ointment, but in case you don’t get it done at the tattoo shop, you can always do the same by yourself. The purpose of applying the antibiotic ointment is to keep infection at bay, prevent the tattoo from drying out and reduce the chances of the occurrence of scars.
  • Next, cover the tattoo with a clean and unused bandage This too is almost always done by the tattoo artist, but if not, you can do it yourself. You will have to keep the bandage on for at least two hours after getting the tattoo done. The bandage provides your tattoo and skin with additional protection. It keeps the ink in place and in case of bleeding, prevents the blood from staining your clothes.
  • Once the two hours have passed by, gently remove the bandage. You mostly will notice blood or a fluid on the tattoo. Don’t panic! It’s absolutely normal for the tattooed part of the skin to bleed for it was after all pierced with an extremely sharp needle.
  • With a clean tissue, wipe the tattoo and reapply antibiotic ointment. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. The bleeding and oozing should stop. If at all it continues, reapply the ointment and wait for as long as it takes for the bleeding and oozing to stop.
  • When sleeping just after getting a tattoo done or on the day of getting the tattoo done, make it a point to sleep with loose clothing on. Tight clothes and fresh tattoos are a bad combination. Also, take care to prevent the tattoo from sticking to the sheets when you hit the sack.
  • When washing the tattooed area, make sure you use a mild soap. This is extremely important to do in case of bleeding. Wash the tattooed area just once, preferably in the morning. Do not cover your tattoo with a bandage after washing it. Remember, your tattoo needs more exposure and breathing space.
  • To add speed to the healing process, apply an unscented moisturizing lotion onto the tattoo after you are done washing it. Do this for three to four weeks after getting a tattoo done.

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