Nothing stays permanent other than a tattoo, to remind you of your misfortune. Read the article below to know the tattoo cover up ideas.

Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Being in love, the first thing both of you do is get your names tattooed on your arms. And why not? Tattoos are chic, trendy and are always the ‘in’ thing. Moreover, you think, since your love is permanent you should commemorate it with something permanent. Naturally, you go for a tattoo. However, in time everything wears out and you find your love slipping through your fingers. The very memory drives you crazy and to top it all you are reminded of it by the tattoo you etched out on your arm. What not you would have given to get this offending thing removed. This is perhaps the most widespread reason for covering up a tattoo. Sometimes you get fed up with the same design and so want a change. Or your skin is suffering from some ailment which is further aggravated by the tattoo. Whatever may be the reason for going for a tattoo cover-up; it is easier said than done. The most effective processes are very expensive and painful. If you have to go for it then read the article below for tips on covering up a tattoo.
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Tips On Covering Up The Tattoo 

Laser removal
It is the most effective and common method of tattoo removal. In laser treatment, pulses of highly concentrated light are targeted onto the ink, which breaks it down into tiny fragments.The immune system then gets rid of these fragments. It requires several sittings as more the number of treatments, the more the laser will remove the ink. One of the downsides of laser treatment is that it can harm the skin by causing blisters and scabs leading to scarring. However, nowadays the advancement in technology has resulted in minimal scarring. But, it is quite expensive and also painful to the skin. 

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)
IPL does not have wide prevalence and as of now, it is only used in some spas. The process is same as that in laser treatment but instead of laser light, high intensity light is used. In this treatment, gel is applied on the tattooed area and then a pulse of light is shed onto the skin. It is less painful than laser and it is said to be even more effective. IPL is also as expensive as laser treatment. 

This painful process involves the abrading of the tattooed skin area with a wire brush. This removes the epidermal layer of the skin and so the tattoo can be removed. 

In this process of tattoo removal, salt is used to scrub the skin layer. It is sometimes used in combination with dermabrasion. 

Here an acidic solution is used to remove the tattoo. The acid leaves a scar on the skin tissue after removing the tattoo. 

In camouflaging, new pigments are injected into the skin, which then covers up the pigments with skin-toned pigments. Sometimes it can also be used to form a new pattern. Though it doesn’t look exactly like the skin, the tattoo is effectively removed. 

Surgical Removal
In this technique, tissue expanders like balloons are inserted under the skin and the tattooed area is cut away. For large tattoos, several surgeries are required. 

Saline solution is very effective in fading a tattoo. In this process, the saline solution is tattooed into the old tattoo area. It is effective only in old tattoos. 

Tattoo Removal Creams
There are many tattoo removal creams but their effectiveness is still disputed. 

Cover- Up
Covering up an old tattoo with a new one is cheapest and most painless way to remove a tattoo. This requires a skilled tattoo artist as the new one must be able to cover up the old one completely.

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