Tattoos can be mysterious, yet cute. Read on to get some ideas on cute tattoo designs that will make all you guys and girls look and feel good.

Cute Tattoo Ideas

Ben Affleck, Collin Farrell, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Tila Tequila - all these celebrities are quite famous for their varied tattoos, which look cute and are appealing to the young generation. Earlier, tattoos had mysterious and religious meanings attached to them and people used to wear them on discrete parts of their body. However, with the changing times, tattoos are more a statement of style, than of mystery. In fact, they are now a reflection of one’s personality and belief. A cute tattoo is very much in demand these days, especially with those who like to follow the fads set by celebrities. Along with choosing a cute tattoo pattern, one should know where to wear the same. Guys and girls prefer wearing tattoos on visible parts of the body, but are often confused as to which part will be the best option. The body parts where a cute tattoo will look attractive are back of the neck, shoulders, lower back, wrists, feet and ankles. The following cute tattoo ideas can be tried out on these spots.
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Cute Tattoo Designs For Guys & Girls
Fairy Tattoos
Fairy tattoos are always at the top, in the list of cute tattoos. Usually sported by girls, these tattoos are appealing, attractive, and mysterious. A fairy tattoo will look quite attractive on any part of a girl’s body.
Butterfly Tattoos
Butterflies are counted amongst the very few insects that almost everyone in this world loves and therefore a tattoo in the form of a beautiful butterfly is considered cute as well as sexy.
Flower Tattoos
A flower is a symbol of peace, love and attraction. Since there is no end to the flower designs that one can choose from, they are very famous amongst tattoos lovers. Amongst the numerous flower-tattoo designs from which one can choose, you can include rose tattoos, hibiscus tattoos, daisies tattoos, lily tattoos and even cherry tattoos. Each of these flower tattoos has a deep meaning attached to it.
Angel Tattoos
There was a point of time when angel tattoos were sported by girls only. The good news for guys is that there are now male angel tattoos as well, which can blend masculinity with uniqueness.
Dolphin Tattoos
Dolphins are intelligent mammals and tattoos designed after them are sported by girls as well as guys who want to tell the world that there is more to them than what meets the eye. These tattoos look best when sported on the shoulder, lower back or hip.
Star Tattoos
Among the oldest tattoos that have even been sported till date, star tattoos are a prime favorite with members of both the sexes. Apart from being cute, stars are glamorous and therefore, considered very trendy.
Zodiac Tattoos
Those guys and girls who are steeped into astrology can opt for zodiac tattoos. Each zodiac sign is unique and has its own meaning and significance. These tattoos give the wearer an aura of mysticism, apart from being cute.
Tribal Tattoos
Tribal tattoos come from tribal art and are among the oldest designs in the world. There have been continuous changes in these tattoos from time to time and they have grown famous with the modern youth. Tribal tattoos are cute as well as fun. Today, the youngsters seem to be drawn to tribal tattoos more, as compared to most other designs.
Celtic Tattoos
The crosses, knots and spirals of Celtic tattoos have been the favorite of the majority of tattoo lovers, for long. They can never go out of fashion. These are among the cutest tattoos that people choose for themselves. There is a wide choice of Celtic tattoo designs for guys as well as girls.

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