There are several trendy tattoos available today that are specifically meant for men. Read on to know some great tattoo ideas for guys.

Tattoos For Men

Tattoos are now the most sought after style-quotient among men. Though initially, they were considered a feminine affair, today they are extremely popular among the darker sex. In fact, tattoos add to the macho-meter of the men and make them look more masculine. Girls too are highly fascinated by the tattoos on a man’s body. Tattoos can be made at the different parts of the body, like arms, shoulder, chest, and also on the back. They are permanent in nature and cannot be removed by any method other than cosmetic surgery. If you are one of the men who have been looking for the right tattoo design since a long time, your search ends here! We bring you some fascinating tattoo ideas for men right here, which will surely add to your X-factor and make you look smart and trendy.
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Tattoo Ideas For Guys 
  • You can get a tattoo as per your zodiac sign. Zodiac symbols make smart and trendy tattoos, like the fiery lion for Leos, bull for Taureans and scorpion for the Scorpios. These tattoos speak a lot about your personality traits too.
  • Tribal tattoos are gaining huge popularity amongst men today. You can get a wide range of choice in this category, such as Hawaiian tattoos, Maori tattoos, Haida design tattoos, Polynesian designs, Egyptian tattoos, Celtic design tattoos, and Japanese tattoos. They look great on arms, shoulder blades and back. These tattoos have angular and sharp edges and have dark-black ink lines.
  • Animals and birds have been a long time favorite for men. Tiger, lion, bat, cheetah, elephant, horse and fox are some of the trendy animal tattoos that you can go for. You can check out tattoos of hawk, falcon and eagles, in the bird category. The bird tattoos look awesome across the shoulder and chest.
  • Some fantasy animals popularized by Hollywood movies are also in the fashion as men’s tattoos. Fire-breathing dragon is one such animal that almost every man would love to have the tattoo of.
  • Star tattoo is something that never grows old-fashioned, in the list of tattoos for men. The star stands for beauty and truth and gives significance to the person who bears. You can use four-pointed or five-pointed stars.
  • In the star design, you have a choice between the filled star and the pentacle star design. The filled star consists of images of sun and moon, along with the design of star. The pentacle star design stands for the other world and gives an impression of witchcraft.
  • Celtic tattoos can be a unique and fascinating idea for men. Such tattoos represent the strong, noble and powerful warriors, who were highly honored during their time.
  • Other than the tattoos listed above, you can also opt for the subtle themes like cross, angels, a crown of thorns, religious symbols or any sports symbol. Choose one amongst them, depending upon your taste and preference. However, do make sure that it goes with your personality.

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