Hawaiian tattoos makes for an inimitable style statement with their big black strokes, coupled with riot of colors and host of styles. Read through the article and get Hawaiian tattoo ideas.

Hawaiian Tattoos

While tattoo is a fairly new concept for most of us, the tradition of tattoo is indeed an antique one, with Hawaiian tattoos being revered as one of the oldest tattoo art forms to emerge in the ancient times. Like all other Polynesian variants of tattoos, Hawaiian tattoo too bears with it the hallmark of exclusivity that makes it unique and exceptional in its own rights. Hawaiian tattoos are loud presumptuous statement of the tribe itself, a manifestation of their tribal tempo and ethnic verve. These tribal tattoos rely on heavy imagery to make an impression, which is usually big, bold and classic. Defined by black, broad strokes and cryptic designs, tribal Hawaiian tattoos are a wonderful blend of classic imagery and contemporary style, all coalesced into a theme and design that is appreciated by the artistes and aficionados alike. Hawaiian tattoos are a blend of natural and the abstract and involve integration of both, general and tribal art form. This unique combination looks dramatic and exceptionally stylish. If you are one of those few uninhibited tattoo lovers who love to make bold displays on their body, Hawaiian tattoos are the ones to go for. To dig for more ideas on Hawaiian tattoos, read through the following lines.  
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Hawaiian Tattoo Ideas
  • Hawaiian tattoos are breathtakingly beautiful and exquisitely portray the verve and tempo of the creed.  Hence, don’t be surprised if you see anyone sporting a massive depiction of a war scene on their back or hunting limn on his arms. These kinds of tattoos, however, look best on sinewy males with exceptionally large back and muscular arms.
  • Cryptic design, coupled with a carefree cadence, is what describes a Hawaiian tattoo. The designs may often signify deep religious import or other mysterious significance or sacred revelations and are usually defined with interlocked patterns, symmetrical twirls, solid curvy lines and more.
  • Hawaiian tattoos bet highly on elaborate depictions of landscape, geometrically styled that portrays the nature and the wild alike. Animal depictions are most common to this form of tattoo art that comes saddled with significance. For instance, a lizard tattoo stands for fear and respect, while turtles signify potency and more. You can get one inked on your arm or back for that ultimate fashion statement.
  • Hawaiian band tattoos are a flamboyant fusion of the classic Celtic tattoos and the more contemporary features, like vines and flowers. These tattoos are classic and look especially chic on women. These band tattoos look good if worn on wrist and even on biceps.
  • Hawaiian flower tattoos are the first choice for anyone willing to get a flower tattoo done. They are breathtakingly beautiful, exquisitely colorful and come goaded with intricate implication. You can either go for the heart-shaped tropical bloom of anthurium, or hibiscus - the striking symbol of beauty, or even the butterfly shaped orchids. Apart from these options, there is the more elegant and aromatic, plumeria. These flower tattoos can be inked in torso, hands, arms or legs for a taste of flower power.

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