Love tattoos seem to be the in-thing for couples now with every love bird heading for an impression on his/her body. Here are some exciting love tattoo ideas for couple. Read on to get inspired.

Love Tattoos For Couples

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ in a more convincing way than a matching tattoo as that of partner. Lovers indulge in absolutely crazy things in the name of love and getting love tattoos inked indeed adds up to their big lists of romantic feats. Couple etching love tattoos all over their body is almost a cliché now, thanks to our celebrity couple who have left little to do or say, when it comes to inking their love on their flesh. Celebrity hot-shot couples like David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have already made their love bold and clear with their couple tattoos that have definitely got the couples begging for more. Tattoos are personal and makes for a great style statement. Couples, today, can bet on it to make their love all the more explicit  and pronounced with a couple love tattoo. Here are some exciting love tattoo ideas for couples to dig on. Read on and get etching.
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Tattoo Ideas For Couples
You Take My Heart Away!
This is possibly one tattoo that every lover would swear by and apparently makes the most magnanimous love statement of all. Heart tattoos have been in vogue as early as the twentieth century and have been favored by love struck to evince their love, in an absolute unique manner. The options for heart tattoos are quite a many, some of the most coveted ones being the one with a heart and a dagger, split heart and even rose heart tattoos. Most couples tend to customize their own heart tattoos and sign it off with their beloved’s name. Remember, Avril Lavigne pink heart shaped tattoo with hubby Deryck Whibley’s initials engraved in it or Melanie Griffith’s heart tattoo with hubby Antonio Banderas name inked with panache.
Say It With Love!
Nothing says it bigger and better than words inked with love, on love. Saying ‘I Love You’ may not be as big a deal as inking one on your body, a loving gesture that is likely to get your partner transported over the moon. You can use texts like ‘I Love You Till Death Do Us Apart’, or ‘Love Never Fails’, or inscribe love poems in attractive texts and fonts or ink you own lovey-dovey message to make you affections loud and clear. Christina Aguilera’s famous Spanish tattoo with the words ‘Te Amo Siempre’ (I love you forever) inscribed, dedicated to hubby Jordan Bratman did make a splashing headline.
Name It!
Etching beloved’s name in each other’s skins have been in vogue for quite some time now with most celebrity duo, right from Victoria and David Beckham to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, flaunting their better half’s initials and names, with élan. To add a little drama to your name tattoo, you can go for unusual scripts like Devanagari, Chinese inscriptions and even Hebrew. However, remember to get your spelling right, so as not to commit a spelling faux pas.
Hook It!
What can be more special than having something as romantic and passionate as wedding vows or promise rings etched on one’s body, all in the name of love? Wedding bands symbolize the greater aspects of a relationship, an ‘infinity’ depicting unending love and a union of a lifetime. You can go for ‘his’ and ‘hers’ tattoo too. Wedding bells can also be tattooed, in loving memory of the blessed day with wedding date inked in them.

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