Beautiful nails are always considered an adornment for any lady. What if you are getting split nails. Find more on how to get rid of split nails.

How To Get Rid Of Split Nails

You will be astonished to find the different embellishments that are done on nails these days. From nail buttons to crystals, nail decoration has marked itself a different way. However, no one can be blamed for that as a set of glamorized fingernails are truly a part of any stylish closet. Women’s fashion consciousness has gone to the extent of matching the color and patterns of dresses with the painted talons that add a dash of vogue and élan to their grooming. Fingernail grooming has become a craze among the youth and girls with small nails fix them up with artificial nails. But what if your nail gets split. Hiding it with nail polish cannot be called a good idea as it can further taint the wound while keeping it as it is will simply make it look awkward. If split nails have been bothering you for long, you can find some remedies to get rid of split nails here.
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Getting Rid Of Split Nails 
Having a split nail means dealing with two things, the cut nail and the wound that is beneath the nail. You will have to make sure that the breakage doesn’t grow any further. You will have to keep the nail clean all the time since it takes some time to heal the wound as it concealed by the nail. There are quite a number of options available to get cleared of the split nails. Find more on how to get rid of the split nails here.
How To Treat the Wound 
The wound happens to be very close to the fingernail, so if the nail accidently collides with any object, it can worsen, even to the point of infection. You will have to treat the nail with care and do the necessary measures to clean and disinfect the wound if you are looking forward to an early recovery. Upon splitting your nail, you should wash it with any antibacterial soap and water. Wipe the water off completely using a hand towel. When your hands are completely dry, you can apply an ample amount of anti-inflammatory ointment on the split nail. Spread it across the nail to minimize the risk of infection. Wrap it in a bandage to keep germs and foreign objects from entering. You can repeat it every day until the wound is completely cured. Remember for serious cases you should consult a doctor. Sometimes the washing and anti- inflammatory ointment alone won’t work. You need to watch out for blood beneath the nail or pus coming out or if you have pain or numbness. In all these cases, visit a doctor immediately
How To Prevent Split Nail 
  • Wear gloves while handling sharp and heavy things.
  • Try to keep your nails short.
  • Apply nail polish that is formulated to strengthen your nails. Try to reduce the use of nail polish.
  • Try using wooden items instead of sharp metal ones as it can split your nail open if accidently collides with something.
  • Wear gloves while washing clothes or washing the dishes as harmful chemicals in detergents can harm the nails by softening it. Even while using a toilet bowl cleaner or acid you need to be cautious as all these can cause nail erosion.
  • Do not take your nails for granted as a bottle cap opener.
  • Use nail creams as often to keep your nails and the area surrounding your cuticles moist.
  • Avoid using nail polish remover more than twice a month, as the alcohol in the remover will erode the nail, causing nail to split.
  • Once you start taking good care of your fingers, the chances of having split nails would dramatically reduce.

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