‘Clothes maketh the man’. Read the article for clothing tips for men according to their body shape.

Guide For Men Clothes By Body Shape

Good dressing creates the first and the strongest impression of a person. When you meet a person for the first time, in most cases it is the dress that decides what type of relationship you would like to establish with that person. The importance of good dressing can be gauged from a research, which found that 55% of the people decide to establish their personal, social, or professional relationship based on appearance, 38% on the body language, and 7% on the verbal communication. And no one can dispute the importance that a proper dress has on the appearance of a person. The first one to understand this is the women, as they always try to be in their best appearance. For them, grooming is a part of life. Men have to work a little hard in this respect. So, the first thing that you must understand is that the clothes that you select should complement your body. However, people who are short, tall, or stumpy than normal find it difficult to get the right dress. Most importantly, they should take certain things into consideration so that their dress does not heighten their faulty structure. To know more, go through the article below on guide for men clothes by body shape.
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Clothing Tips For Men According To Their Body Shape
For Short Men
  • Wearing vertical stripes and lines can create the illusion of height. Pin stripes and thin corduroys also give the impression of height.
  • Wear only single colors as it avoids break in the structure, and so gives the impression of a longer length. For short men, suit is the ideal attire.
  • Short men should also blend the color of their shoes, socks, and trouser.
  • The shades of the shirts and pants should not differ too much. Light colored tops should go with light colored bottoms and the darker tops with dark bottoms.
  • Wear clothes that fit properly. Go for slim pants and with very little breaks.
  • Another method to give the illusion of height is to increase the length of your tops. Instead of tucking in or wearing waist-length tops, short men should wear top, the length of which falls a little below the buttocks.
  • Keep the neck exposed by wearing V-necks or peak lapels. 
For Tall Men
  • Tall men should create horizontal lines to give the illusion of breadth.
  • Wear double-breasted jackets along with light colored trousers. If you want to wear T-shirts then make sure that, it has wide horizontal stripes.
  • Tall men should also go for the check pattern. Large checked shirts are especially good. To give the impression of volume, they should also wear shirts with large prints.
  • Wearing clothes in different colors and shades are also good for tall men. This will also break the appearance of the straight lines. Stay away from monochrome outfits.
  • Tall men should wear trousers that are pleated and with cuffs. Pleated trousers are especially good for tall and thin men.
  • Wear wide and patterned ties, to take the attention away from the height. You can also wear polo neck T-shirts to balance the long necks. 
For Stumpy Men
  • Stumpy men have wide waists and narrow shoulders. So, they should wear clothes with shoulder pads, narrow lapels and peaked notches.
  • The trousers should be flat-fronted with welt pockets. It is also better that the trousers be in darker shades.
  • The sleeves should be set in and the colors and shades of the tops should be light.
  • Stay away from double-breasted suits and low waist jeans.

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