Wondering how clothes give models a perfect look? Well, it is all about knowing your body type & shape. Explore the article and get tips on how to dress for your body type for men.

How To Dress For Your Body Type For Men

You looked up to a mannequin‘s shirt and purchased it just because you liked it. But, did all your expectations from the shirt drain down the well when you tried it at home? Don’t feel bad, as you are not the only person with such a problem. In fact, this happens to a lot of people, who purchase clothes just because they look good on the mannequins. However, do you often wonder what went wrong with the shirt? Actually, there is nothing wrong with the shirt. What didn’t match is your body type and shape. Although Thomas Jefferson once quoted that “all men were created equal”, when it comes to the body structure, this statement somewhat lacks integrity and authenticity. It is true that men have fewer curves than women, but even then, their body types do vary. Therefore, one should opt for clothes that best suit one's body type in order to look perfect. One of the ways of honing your personality is by getting a fair idea of the style that will give you a tailor-made fitting, enhancing your look by miles. In the following lines, we have provided tips for dressing according to your body type and shape for men.
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Tips For Dressing For Your Body Type & Shape For Men
For Bulky Men
  • One of the most prominent fashion faux pas that most men commit is going for the wrong stripes. For bulky and fat men, horizontal stripes are absolute no-no. They should also avoid wearing diagonal stripes.
  • Vertical stripes best suits a bulky figure, drawing the eyes downwards, thus elongating the silhouette, making the person look slim and thin. Pinstripe suits are the best dress-up clothing for fat people, especially when it gets paired with a crisp black shirt.
  • Bulky people have a larger and a wider rear, and therefore they should stay away from jackets and blazers with double vents, as these types of clothing make their posterior visible. Bulky men should always opt for jackets with no vents or single vents.
  • Contrasting colors will divide you into two halves and will make the large and bulky middle evidently visible. Therefore, fat men should go for identical colors or similar shades of clothing. Shirt and pant of similar shade will give a cleaner visual impression, making you look many pounds slimmer. Black-n-black is the perfect choice to get the most slimming look.
  • Turtle neck shirts and t-shirts should be shunned away. Rather, opt for V-neck t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts and sweaters. This type of collar will draw the eye downward, creating a sleek silhouette.
  • In case your wardrobe boasts of a number of body-hugging or baggy clothes, you seriously need a wardrobe makeover. Such types of clothing would give you a bulkier and heavier look. So, just do away with all such clothes and go for attires that are neither big nor too tight, but just a perfect fit. This would make you look fit and slim.
For Tall And Skinny Men
  • Tall and skinny men have a silhouette completely opposite to that of bulky men. If you have a lean and thin figure, opting for horizontal and diagonal stripes instead of vertical ones would make the best bet. Horizontal stripes will make your shoulders look broader.
  • Unlike bulky men, tall and skinny men should avoid wearing monochromatic looks. A similar color all over your lean body will make you look all the more thinner. Experiment with different shades and colors, and have fun in the process of getting the perfect look.
  • Lean men should go in for a fitting shirt. Loose-fitting or left out shirts will make you look like a shimmying sail. However, avoid skin tight clothing as such clothes would accentuate your bony structure even further.
  • Lighter colors like white, cream, light shades of blue, grays and pastels will make you look visually bulky and large. Avoid black and brown for good. 
For Short Men
  • Pointed and large toe shoes suit people having moderate height. For short people square toed shoes are the perfect choice. Long or bulky shoes will make you look amateurish.
  • Short men should go in for shoes with little heels. For this purpose, dress boots are a good option. These types of shoes also come in different styles. To add on to your height and in order to disguise the heels wear your shoes with longer pant legs.
  • Short men should make use of accessories, such as a tie or a hat. Accessories confine the attention of people on the face, thereby making them overlook the height. A newsboy cap can provide you a decent and arty look.
  • Small is the word to make you look bigger and taller. On small bodies, giant prints will look awfully overwhelming. Therefore, short people should always go for small prints, like graphic black and white print or small checks.

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