Being aware of the best clothes for your body shape makes shopping all the more easier. In this article, we will let you know what to wear for your body shape.

What To Wear For Your Body Shape

One of the requirements of looking good comprises of wearing clothes that suit your personality as well as your body shape. While most of the people keep the first aspect in mind, the second one often fails their memory. In fact, there will hardly be a handful of people in this world who buy clothes that are meant for their body shape and reject the ones that are not (irrespective of the fact that they are a part of the current fashion trend). Do you know what body shape you belong to and which clothes will suit you perfectly? No? Then, go through the following lines and know what to wear for your body shape.
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Best Clothes For Your Body Shape
Hourglass Shape
The hourglass shape, envied as well as desired by women across the globe, is the most versatile of all the body shapes. Whether you have been naturally blessed with such a figure or have achieved it with lots of exercising and heard work, you will surely be the envy of many other women. The hourglass shape, with curvy figure, proportionate body and slim hips, can get away with any and every outfit, right from baggy trousers to tight-fitting jeans. Be it halters or even tees, this figure is perfect for one and all.
Apple Shape
The apple-shape body is represented by heavier upper torso, usually comprising of a big bustline and, in many cases, large waist as well. For such women, the attire needs to create a balanced look, in terms of proportion. Tops with comfortable fit (like tunics with a V-neck), along with a fitted jacket, would create the perfect look. They can even go for dresses in A-line designs or knee-length skirts with formal tops. Make sure to go for solid colors and fabrics that have a nice fall. Clingy tops or fancy fabrics are a strict no-no.
Rectangle Shape
The rectangle-shape figure is characterized by an athletic figure, with few curves built-in. When such women gain weight, it is evenly distributed throughout the body, not sticking to any one particular part (like tummy or hips). They will look good in patterns that add to the dimension of the body. For instance, they can go for dresses and full skirts, apart from layered clothing. Other options include blouses with ruffles or peasant style tops with gypsy skirts. The basic aim is to break the straight lines of their figure.
Pear Shape
A complete contrast to the apple shape, the pear-shape figure encompasses more weight on the hips. Even the thighs will be heavy, but the shoulders narrow. In such a case, vertical line patterns look very good. Coordinating light and dark colors, the former for upper torso and the latter for bottom half, would also work quite well. You can also combine long, straight skirts with tops that have v-neck. Other options include wrap dresses and jackets as well boot cut pants with long tops. The main aim here is to move the attention away from the hips, and towards the upper torso.
Petite Shape
Petite women have a short height and a small frame to match it. They need to go for simple clothes that fit well. For instance, shirts with vertical lines will work quite well, since they create an illusion of a slightly taller body. U-shape or even V-shape necklines will be best bet. For casual occasions, knee-length fitting skirt will be a good choice, while pants with straight legs and a neat cut will give the perfect office look. Avoid going in for heavy fabrics, short skirts and broad belts. As for the handbag, it can be small to medium in size.

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