In case you are looking for tips to break finger nail biting habit, your search comes to an end here. Browse through this article and know how to stop nail biting.

How To Stop Nail Biting

There are a number of reasons why people resort to biting their nails, some of which include stress, nervousness, boredom or even a need for comfort. Then, there are people who bite their nails because they have grown too long or there are dead cuticles around them and the nail cutter/ cuticle clipper seems to be out of reach. If you are one of them, be aware of the fact that the habit not only wreaks havoc on the appearance of your nails, but also creates a negative impression about you. Want to leave the habit, but don't know how? This article will prove really useful to you. Go through the following lines and know how to stop nail biting.
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Tips To Break Finger Nail Biting Habit 
  • In order to stop biting your nails, you need to face the fact that you do so and then develop a resolve to break the habit. Start here and now. Promise yourself that you will resist the urge to bite your nails from this moment onwards. In the moments of weakness, remember the promise you made to yourself.
  • Get a camera and take a picture of your bitten nails. Now, paste it in a journal and along side, write down all the reasons why you should quite the habit - it makes your nails look horrible, it gives negative impression about your personality, and so on. This journal will come to your rescue in moments of weakness.
  • Maintain the journal that you have prepared with the photo of your bitten nails. Every few days, written your accomplishments in the same, for instance how you resisted the urge to bite nails today. You can also paste new photographs of your nails, as they grow longer. This will help keep you motivated.
  • As a part of stopping yourself from biting your nails, you also need to put a special emphasis on your diet. Increase the consumption of foods that contain calcium and magnesium. This is because one of the main reasons people start biting their nails is that their body suffers from a lack of both the nutrients.
  • You can also consider adopting a habit in place of nail biting. For instance, whenever you have the urge to bite your nails, you can drum your fingers on the desk or even start looking at them, appreciating that you have managed not to bite them so far. You can adopt any other habit as well, as long as it is positive and keeps you away from nail biting.
  • Trimming your nails on a regular basis will also help you quit the habit. When you do not have anything to chew on, you will not be able to resume the biting habit as well. Yet another option would be to keep gloves handy at all times. Wear them the moment you feel the urge to start nibbling on your pretty nails again.
  • One thing that you will have to keep in mind, while trying to stop nail biting, is the need for patience. Getting rid of a habit that you have followed for so long will surely take some time. So, be prepared to exercise a lot of determination. If you want, you can also enlist the help of your spouse, friends and family members, for the task.

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