Do you want to know about the popular flower tattoos and their meanings? If yes, then go through this article and explore the meaning of some of the most popular floral tattoos.

Flower Tattoos And Their Meanings

The body art of tattooing has been gaining increasing popularity with the passing time. More and more people are opting to have a tattoo made on their body, with the arms, neck, lower back and ankles being the most common spots. However, before you get a tattoo made on your body, be aware of the fact that each of the tattoos is associated with a meaning, be it a flower, a fairy or a skull. So, while selecting the tattoo, make sure that its meaning reflects your overall personality or life. In case you are planning to get flower tattoos on your body, get to know the meanings of each of them, through the following lines, and only then, make the selection.
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Meaning Of Popular Floral Tattoos
Rose Tattoo
One of the most popular flower tattoos, rose is mostly seen on women, though men are also showing an increasing interest in it. As to the meaning of rose tattoos, it depends on the color used therein. For instance, red rose symbolizes love, respect, courage and passion, while a yellow one is regarded as a sign of friendship, joy, gladness and freedom, the promise of a new beginning. Then, you have the pink rose tattoo - meaning grace and gentleness, white rose tattoo - meaning spirituality and purity, lavender rose tattoo - meaning love at first sight, blue rose tattoo - meaning mystery and 'achieving the impossible' and finally, the black rose tattoo - meaning mourning or pessimism.
Hibiscus Tattoo
Hibiscus, commonly seen in the tropical country, is yet another flower that is commonly being used as a tattoo design by people. With the term Hibiscus meaning "mallow", the flower itself is taken to mean delicate beauty. When sported on the body of a person, as a tattoo, Hibiscus flower is usually taken to mean that he/she is full of grace and charm. It can also be used to symbolize exquisiteness and elegance. While there are many color combination that you can use in a Hibiscus tattoo, the most common comprise of red and green - red flower and bright green petals.
Lily Tattoo
Lily, one of the flowers that can bring instant freshness to any room, is counted amongst flowers commonly used for the purpose of a tattoo. It can be taken to mean a lot of different things. For instance, as per Bible, white lily signifies virginity, purity and the radiant soul of Virgin Mary. Even the Chinese and Greeks connect white lily with purity, with the former regarding it as a symbol of summer and abundance as well. The flower is also believed to be associated with the Roman Goddess Venus. In other words, getting lily tattoo on your body will signify purity of your soul, apart from peace and harmony.
Lotus Tattoo
Lotus is regarded as a sacred flower in many religions of the world. For instance, in Buddhism, it is considered to be a symbol of enlightenment. Buddhists believe that its petals signify the struggles that a person goes through in his life, while its center symbolizes the state of enlightenment. For them, it also means a man's arousing to the spiritual reality of life. Then, there are Hindus, who consider lotus to be a symbol of eternity, purity and divinity, apart from life, beauty, prosperity, fertility, youth and even feminine beauty. Lotus tattoo might also be taken to mean a struggle in life or the constant ups and downs a person has faced.
Other Flower Tattoos & Their Meanings 
  • Acacia - Friendship, Love
  • Anjelica - Inspiration, Magic
  • Azalea - Moderation, Temperance
  • Baby's Breath - Purity of heart
  • Bells of Ireland - Irish luck
  • Bluebell - Constancy, Sorrowful regret
  • Buttercup - Riches
  • Carnation - Fidelity, Love
  • Cherry Blossom - Spiritual beauty
  • Cornflower - Delicacy, Refinement
  • Crocus - Gladness, Mirth
  • Daffodil - Deceitfulness, Hope, Unrequited love
  • Daisy - Innocence
  • Dandeloin - Coquetry
  • Dogwood - Forgetfulness
  • Four O'clock - Timidity
  • Fuschia - Intimacy
  • Gardenia - Refinement
  • Geranium - Gentility, Peaceful mind
  • Hibiscus - Delicate beauty.
  • Honeysuckle - Bonds of love
  • Hydrangea - Boastfulness, Heartlessness
  • Iris - Virtue, Wisdom
  • Jasmine - Happiness
  • Lantana - Unyielding, Unbending
  • Lotus - Estranged love.
  • Magnolia - Benevolence, High-soul, Love of nature, Dignity, Nobility
  • Morning Glory - Affection, Departure
  • Orange Blossom - Chastity, Eternal love, Marriage
  • Peach Blossom - Captivity
  • Red Flower - Burning passion
  • Rhododendron - I am dangerous
  • Saffron - Voluptuousness, Sexual energy
  • Sunflower - Sheer beauty
  • Thistle - Austerity, Sternness
  • Tulip - Enchantment, Fame as a great lover, Passionate love
  • Violet - Tendency to be timid and shy
  • Water Lily - Purity of heart
  • White Flower - Purity
  • White Lilies - Purity, Sweetness
  • Zinnia - Thoughts of absent friends

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