Tattoos on feet look very attractive and exotic, owing to their striking appearance. Read the article to explore some of the most popular foot tattoos and take your pick!

Tattoos On Feet

Though foot tattoos have a very striking appearance, they are not very common to sight. It is precisely for this reason only that tattoos on feet look very exotic and unique. It is more likely to sight tattoos on the feet of women than men. Foot tattoos on women are meant to enhance their feminineness and make them look even more hot. An ultra-feminine tattoo peaking out of your sexy shoes will help you in making a super hot statement, conveying how much you are in touch with your feminine side. Explore the article to know the most popular tattoos on feet and know your foot tattoo style.
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Popular Foot Tattoos
The butterfly tattoo design is considered the hottest for females. You can get the butterfly design tattooed on any part of your body and not just the feet, for it looks good anywhere. Wide-ranging designs and color formats are available in butterfly tattoos. You can choose your butterfly tattoo according to the meaning that it symbolizes and the statement you want to make.
Zodiac Signs
Tattoos in the shape of individual zodiac signs have always been a rage. Over the last few years, their popularity has increased all the more. You can get a foot tattoo of your zodiac or your mate's zodiac as well. Choosing a tattoo that fits your personality is very important. A lot of people choose Zodiac tattoos because they deeply believe in sun signs and their meanings.
Star tattoos are also among the most favored foot tattoo designs. Stars are attached with mysticism and intrigue. Choosing the perfect star tattoo requires some knowledge of the types of stars and their symbolism. Two of the most popular star tattoo ideas are the four-pointed stars and the five-pointed stars. Women usually don star tattoos on their navel.
Flower tattoos are as old as the art of tattoo making itself. They are very fashionable and feminine looking, but many guys also get their favorite flower tattooed on their feet. There is an endless variety of designs, shapes and sizes to choose from, when going for a flower tattoo on your feet. Color choices are also available in plenty.
Including letters or some writing in the foot tattoo is also very popular among people. It makes the tattoo look unique and original. Written or lettering-only tattoos also make for a unique tattoo design, with a different impact. In fact, a lot of men prefer to go for tattoos with letters. However, it is important to choose the tattoo lettering design very carefully. You need to remember that a lot of letters either cannot be tattooed on the feet or their font has to be large to be clearly visible.
Heart-shaped tattoos are highly preferred by many, for foot, as they are easily visible on the said body part. Such tattoos represent the spirit of romance, warmth, love, togetherness and vibrancy. However, a heart with a dagger, knife or sword is symbolic of deception and betrayal. A heart with wings represents buoyancy and joyfulness.

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