Grey hair mushrooming in parts of your head give you sleepless nights, but it's pretty easy to treat them with natural remedies. Explore the article to know some home remedies for graying hair.

Natural Remedies For Grey Hair

Beauty has been long associated with long cascading hair in women. In fact, our hair comprises of one of the most striking features of our personality. As such, popping of some grey strands in your head is naturally a cause of concern. Lack of proper nutrition can be the most prominent reason behind your impeccable black beauty suddenly displaying shades of grey. Home remedies are the best way to treat your grey hair, while maintaining their health as well. This article brings you some of the most valuable natural remedies to treat your grey hair and revive your lost glory.
Home Remedies For Graying Hair
  • 'Amla', or Indian goosebery is one of the best natural remedies to treat not only grey hair, but falling hair as well. Make a paste of 'Amla' and rub it on your scalp regularly, just the way you give your hair a light head massage. Amla powder is easily available in the stores. It is known to have worked wonders in many of the cases, reversing the process of graying hair on a quick note.
  • Mix coconut oil and a dash of lemon and massage you head with the mixture daily, for about 15 minutes. The recipe is known to be very beneficial for treating grey hair and also gives long term benefits in terms of texture, strength as well as length of hair.  
  • Take 1/2 cup of rosemary and a similar amount of dried sage. Boil both the ingredients in 2 cups water, for about 30 minutes. Let the mixture sit for 2-3 hours. Now, apply it throughout your grey hair and allow it to dry. Once dry, shampoo your hair. Repeat the procedure on weekly basis, until you see your hair getting the desired shade. Keep applying the mixture for another month, for maintenance.
  • Eat foods that are rich in iron content, minerals as well as vitamin A and B. In many cases, graying of hair is seen at a very early age and nutritional deficiency is the most prominent reason behind it. So, eat lots of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits and also drink lots of water. If the body is being supplied the right nutrition, the problem of graying hair can be remedied for the long run. You can also include curry leaves in your daily diet, as they are said to be very beneficial for hair health.
  • Mix lemon juice in Castor oil and beat it till it gets frothy. Add 'henna' to the mixture and apply it evenly on your scalp. Let it dry for an hour and then, shampoo your hair. It will curtail the growth of grey hair.
  • Take one cup of strong black tea (tea devoid of milk) and add a tbsp of salt to it. Strain the tea when it gets cold and massage the roots of your hair with it. Leave it on for an hour and then, rinse your hair with cold water. Take care not to shampoo your hair, cold water is good enough.

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