Hair can turn gray due to a variety of reasons. Go through this informative article, which aims to throw light on the natural remedies for gray hair.

Natural Remedies For Gray Hair

You’re busy at work, racking your brains to complete the task on hand, and then all of a sudden, your colleague looks at you and proclaims, “Hey, you’ve got gray hair.” Embarrassed? Do you feel like burying your head in your keyboard? Don’t fret; you can get the problem solved. Firstly, it’s important to gain knowledge on the reasons for the occurrence of ‘graying hair’ and then proceed to take the necessary steps to solve the issue. Hair color is produced by melanocytes – tiny hair pigment cells located within our hair follicles. As you grow older, the melanocytes in the hair follicles begin to reduce their activity, and can soon stop producing pigments that are responsible for the color of your hair. The hairs that grow without the production of coloring pigments turn out gray. Everyone has a genetically determined time that can be associated to the graying of hair. However, this predetermined time can dawn on you a little earlier than you would want it to; the reason for the same can be matched to a variety of reasons (mostly deficiencies). This article aims to throw light on the natural remedies that fight against graying hair. Read on!
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Home Remedies For Graying Hair 
  • Drink a glass of buttermilk every day, add to it a teaspoon of yeast and wheat germ, this remedy is efficient and easy to implement.
  • Try to include more protein in your diet; foods that are rich in protein can do wonders for your hair. Cereals, nuts, meat, soymilk, cheese, peanut butter, whole grain foods, etc. are examples of foods rich in protein.
  • Iodine – An element that can put at bay the disorders that can arise due to the deficiency of the same, it also helps in the fight against graying hair. Carrots, bananas, and marine food, are examples of foods rich in iodine.
  • Grate some fresh ginger, around 2 tablespoons of the same. Add the ginger to a cup of honey and mix. Eat 1 teaspoon of this ginger-honey mix ever day.
  • Coconut oil with a hint of lemon juice massaged into your hair can help add to the process of hair pigmentation.
  • Make it a point to eat foods that are rich in minerals, iron, and vitamin A and vitamin B. You can get your minerals from chicken, red meat, green vegetables, dried apricots, parsley, eggs, wheat, sunflower seeds, almonds, crabs, and whole grains. You can get your iron from cereals, figs, almonds, soya beans, whole wheat breads, kidney beans, cashew nuts, paprika, lean beef, etc. Vitamin A is found aplenty in yellow fruits and dark green vegetables. Your dose of vitamin ‘B’ can be attained from bananas, tomatoes, cereals, yogurt, yeast, and fresh green leafy vegetables.
  • Heat some coconut oil, add curry leaves to it and apply it onto your scalp, but do wait until the oil cools down, you wouldn’t want to massage hot oil onto your hair. 
  • Massaging almond oil onto your scalp is a great way to fight against the graying hair.
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) added to coconut oil and applied onto the scalp, is yet another way to fight against the graying hair. You can also boil dried amla pieces in coconut oil until it turns black and apply this oil on to your scalp.
  • A tablespoon of oil added to a cup of strong black tea and applied onto your hair can help complement the battle against graying hair.
  • Fresh butter made from cow’s milk applied on to your scalp twice or thrice a week helps prevent the graying of hair. However, make it a point to wash off the butter thoroughly.
  • 1 teaspoon of yogurt, fenugreek powder, and henna powder added to 2 teaspoons of basil juice, mint juice and coffee powder can do wonders for your hair. Apply and wait for 3 hours or so and wash off thoroughly. However, apply it onto your scalp only.

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