Every day is a fashion show and the world is your stage. So if you want to flaunt the hippie look today, read on for more on style tips of the haute 1960s Hippie Fashion.

1960s Hippie Fashion

Styles come and go, but there is one style that still makes waves in the fashion couture, and that’s the hippie style. Flowers, flared bottoms, chunky rings, head bands, fringes, beads, long hair, ankle bells, feathers, and floppy hats are all part of this haute fashion  look. Even more so is the attitude behind the clothes, which connote carefreeness, independence, fun, wildness, wackiness, and a cool outlook. The hippie fashion is truly a psychedelic wonderland with fabulously bright colors, flattering cuts and trippy prints. It did raise some eyebrows originally but became a phenomenon during 1960s. It was originally made popular by the ‘baby boomers’. Back then, the hippies were also known as flower children because the women wore flowers in their hair. Many hippies even painted and pierced their bodies, inked tattoos, and wore loose long hair. The hippie movement actually started as a youth movement in the United States, as a protest against social restriction, and a society that was increasingly becoming conformist and restrictive. The hippies wanted to find their own way and their own meaning to life. They were focused on freedom and going back to nature. And their clothing, therefore, reflected their thoughts through the styles and cuts of the fabric. Even the fabric was made of natural fibers like cotton and hemp. The hippies tried to express their individualism through their clothes. To know more about popular 1960s hippy fashion read on.

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How To Dress Like A Hippie?
Long Hair 
Men and women both wore long unkempt hair as a connotation of equality, and as a symbol of their free lifestyle. Bright headbands or headscarves were used to keep the hair in place.
Facial Hair 
Facial hair and long untrimmed beard was characteristic of the hippies.
Jeans were also a popular style wear. Hipsters, bell-bottom, ankle fringes, and patches were the rage along with wide belts.
Men’s Wear 
The men would wear tee-shirts, leather vests, combat style vest/jackets, and granny glasses.
Flower Power 
Real flowers and floral patterns were symbolic of the hippie movement because they represented peace and love. Tops, skirts, and dresses were adorned in floral patterns and motifs. Even jeans were ornamented with flowers especially around the knee or ankles. Besides these, tresses were also adorned with real flowers and faces bedecked with ornate flower patterns.
Skirts And Blouses 
  • Hippie women redefined the ways in which skirts are styled and worn. They shook the pillars of what was considered acceptable wear.
  • Long skirts would be bright and flowery with hemlines that were a shock to the conservatives.
  • The micro and miniskirts gave many people apoplexy. Short skirts were worn with knee-high boots, and long skirts were considered better matched with sandals.
  • T-shirts and skimpy halter-neck tops were a part of everyday wear. 
Dresses were short, fitting, long, loose peasant or granny dresses. Of course, all these dresses were beautified with ribbons, and sometimes, real flowers were also used.
Tie Dyed Garments 
Tie-dye garments in bright colors were considered cool and in. It was done at home on a variety of clothes such as skirts, dresses, hats, and even bed sheets.
Hippie footwear mostly comprised of leather sandals. Some even chose to walk barefoot as a style statement.
  • Jewelry and accessories that were popular among the hippies were Native American jewelry, long beaded necklaces, headband, headscarves, bandanas, and other headgears, ankle bells, long earrings, bracelets, and rings that flaunted the symbols of peace etc.
  • Simplicity was the theme of the hippy culture, and natural beauty their inspiration, so, most of their jewelry was handmade, and their designs influenced by nature.
  • Music was a part of hippie culture in a big way, so, jewelry, which made music, was sought after. Hippie women flaunted necklaces that featured bells as pendants, and since many preferred to go barefoot so jangly ankle bracelets were very trendy.
  • Besides these, tresses as well were adorned with ribbons. In addition, the hippies’ advocated peace, so, in addition to peace symbol accessories, they also used flowers as symbols of universal peace and love. Therefore, artificial flower tiaras and real flowers were worn on the hair.

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