People are going to the extremes for seeking pleasure, the latest being body-art such as tattooing and body piercing. Know about the hazards of lip piercing here.

Dangers Of Lip Piercing

Body piercing has become an irresistible fashion among youngsters and with the rise of the new rock generation; it is one of the most common ways to show their rebellious nature. However, the lip piercing has a history of its own. In the time of ancient Aztecs and Mayans, a man with a lip piercing was considered to be a member of the higher caste and he usually wore the jewelry made from gold and jade. Even today, the tribes of Malawi are seen with various lip ornaments that they proudly display. While for some, it is a symbol of courage, for others it has something to do with fashion and style. People from all strata of life attempt lip piercing today, and body piercing has become an obsession with the younger generation. However, no one really cares about the outcome of a lip piercing that goes wrong! Before you plan to get your lip pierced just get to know about th hazards of lip piercing. 
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Lip Piercing Dangers

It is not likely that every body-piercer will use a sterilized needle, so, chances of getting infected cannot be ignored. An unsterile piercing followed by an inapt after care on your part can lead to many infections. 

Tooth Erosion
If by any chances the lip ornament is pierced at the wrong place then it can lead to the erosion of your tooth by the constant rubbing of the ornament against your teeth. 

Tooth Decay
What else can follow but tooth decay after tooth erosion, as once the enamel is totally worn off, the tooth will start decaying. 

Gum Erosion
This happens when your lip-jewelry rubs against the gums. This can cause the gums to bleed. 

Gum Recession
This comes as a result of gum erosion. After constant erosion, it ends up in shrinking a part of your gums. 

Tooth Scrambling
If you are not having healthy gums, the jawbone itself will be exposed to infection and erosion. When such a thing happens, the teeth loosen and tend to dislocate. Tooth scrambling is actually the after result of many infections that happen in your mouth and it generally goes unnoticed. 

Sensitive Teeth 
This is another by-product of gum recession. As the gums recede, the nerves of the teeth become exposed and sensitive. 

Tooth Loss
This is the ultimate result of teeth infection. 

Nerve Damage
If you have picked up a person who is less experienced for piercing your lip then this can end in some serious trouble like nerve damage. 

No one is safe when you are considering a body piercing. HIV is a matter of serious concern, as it’s just a careless mishap that can transfer this incurable virus from one customer to the next. 

This can go hand in hand with the risk of HIV. It is better to get a licensed person to pierce any part of your body than losing your life to a simple piercing.

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