The art of body piercing and the idea of wearing exotic body piercing jewelry entice everyone. Read about body piercing care and tips.

Body Piercing Art

Body piercing has been a part of many ancient civilizations and is now a teen fashion trend. In India, the art of body piercing has been practiced since the past many centuries. Besides fashion, people get their bodies pierced and wear jewelry to maintain a certain cultural identity. Most piercings look presentable when adorned with decent jewelry. However, body piercing is a risky proposition and one needs to take utmost care of the area that has been pierced.
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Body piercing may have many side effects such as swelling of tissues or edema, may not heal properly, leave a permanent scar on your skin and may trigger off allergic reactions to metal. It is recommended that if you are really interested in body piercing, go to a trained professional to get it done. Make sure that the instruments used for piercing are properly sterilized. In case you are not clear about which metal you should use, you can always seek expert opinion from the professional.
Different people get different parts of their bodies pierced. Ears, nose, navel, eyebrow, tongue, under-lip, etc. are popular choices for getting pierced. Each site has its own healing time and the healing process also depends upon the personal hygiene you maintain. In case of even a slight irritation or discharge, do not hesitate to visit a good doctor. Avoid applying antiseptic cream on your own and make sure the area that is pierced usually remains dry. Germs are more likely to multiply in a humid area.
There are many different types of body piercing jewelry that are worn. It all depends on one’s personal choice and of course, availability of the ornament. Lightweight studs, single gems or semi-precious stone, light weight rings in silver or oxidized metal, gold rings or studs are the most popular choices. Some people tend to portray their bold side by going in for heavy and chunky pieces of jewelry that tend to look larger than life! Caution must be taken while wearing such jewelry as even a slight amount of pressure on them can result in disastrous consequences. 

It is advisable not follow fashion just for the heck of it and be very clear whether you want to go in for body piercing. Weigh the pros and cons of this proposition and then go in for piercing. Don’t do it just because your friend has done it. Different people have different threshold of pain and reactions, thus what suits your friend may not necessarily suit you. So, check what suits you and take a wise decision.

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