Navel piercing procedure is quite painful and will need you to remain calm throughout. Read this article to know how to get a belly button piercing, in the best possible way.

How To Get A Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing, also known as navel piercing, is gaining much popularity with the passing time. A type of body piercing, it has, in fact, become quite a rage in the young generation of today. However, you need to take proper care, before, during as well as after getting your navel pierced. Otherwise, the chances of infection run very high. If you are one of the navel piercing enthusiasts and would like to know about the procedure to be undertaken for the same, this article will be perfect for you. Go through it and know how to get a belly button piercing.
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Navel Piercing Procedure
The first step that you need to take, in order to get your belly button pierced, would to be find a reputed piercer, who is well-apprenticed and holds a license as well. Next, you need to pay him a visit and seek his advice for piercing i.e. whether your belly button will be able to accommodate a piercing or not. He/she will be in a position to determine if your tissue will hold a ring in place or you need to forget about the whole piercing thing.
After you have made sure that you can get your belly button pierced, it is the time to investigate the piercer a bit. One of the first things that you need to confirm is that he/she works with sterilized equipment. At the same time, make sure that the piercer uses disposable hollow needles and wears new latex gloves for each session. You also need to evaluate the piercing jewelry, ensuring that it is of a proper quality, and resolve any queries that come to your mind.
Get An Appointment
Once you are satisfied with the piercer and his piercing abilities, it is the time to schedule an appointment for going through the actual procedure. While arriving at a date for the same, keep in mind that you would not be able to indulge in any strenuous activity, like yoga, dancing and sports, in the weeks following the piercing. So, ensure that your calendar does not contain even moderately physical activities, after the piercing.
Before The Piercing
The d-day has arrived and now, it is the time to get ready for the actual piercing procedure. You will need to wear loose-fitting clothes for your piercing appointment, say something like low-slung pants or skirts, along with a tunic or wide-belly top. The main idea behind this is to make sure that you do not end up wearing something that rubs or pulls around your belly button and causes unnecessary pain in the process.
During The Piercing
Throughout the time your belly is getting pierced, you need to maintain a calm state of mind. Relax yourself and do not panic. It is best to keep your mind focused on your breath and have your gaze fixed on a stationary point, during the procedure. Try not to glance towards your belly or you might end up getting nervous and panicky. Keeping your muscles relaxed will help minimize any discomfort and pain that results from piercing.
After The Piercing
Finally, after undergoing so much work and even pain, you have got your belly button pierced. Before going out of the piercer's workshop, make sure to ask him/her about all the aftercare instructions. Follow the instructions to the letter and do not indulge in anything that he/she has specifically advised against. Otherwise, you will only end up causing avoidable pain and discomfort to your own self and regretting it later on.

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