Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics known to mankind. However, did you know that there is more than one type of cotton available? Learn about different kinds of cotton.

Types Of Cotton

Loved by all, cotton clothes are one of the most popular fabrics, adorned by everyone in the world. Clothes made from cotton are comfortable, light and soft, making the material a perfect choice to beat down the scotching heat and warmth, in the dreadful summer months. Scientifically known as ‘Gossypium spp’, cotton is a soft, fluffy and staple fiber, which grows in the form of a ball around the seeds of the cotton plant. Considering the kind of popularity that the material enjoys, it is quite ironic to acknowledge that even after being loved by almost everyone and being the most common fabric in the world, its different varieties are still not commonly known. Did you know that there are different types and varieties of cotton? If no, then this article would surely make an interesting read. Check out the different types and varieties of cotton that are produced all around the globe.
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Different Types Of Cotton
Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian cotton is a fine, glistening cotton that has long thinner fibers. This is the most popular cotton that is used to make bed sheets, cushion covers etc. It is light brown in color and is suitable for strong yarns.

Sea Island Cotton
Sea Island cotton is an expensive one, as its growth and processing takes a lot of efforts and cost. It is one of the finest cottons present in the world of cotton and is often mixed with silk. The clothes made out of this variety of cotton are expensive for the buyer, because of the high cost of production.
Pima Cotton
Pima cotton has long and smooth fibers and falls in the category of Extra Long Staple (ELS) types of cotton. Similar to the Egyptian cotton in terms of quality, it is a strong, soft, and durable material, which make it one of the most famous and popular cotton types to be used for clothing, towels and sheets.
Asiatic Cotton
This type of cotton can be found in India, China and near Eastern regions. It has harsh and coarse fibers and is well suited to manufacture blankets, filters, coarse clothes and padding materials.

American Upland Cotton
American Upland cotton is one of the most commonly used cotton and is less expensive as well. It is of a basic quality and is used to make several fabrics. The cotton is of an extremely versatile nature and can be used to manufacture expensive shirts and denims as well.
Canton Cotton
Canton cotton is a type of cotton used for manufacturing winter clothing like sweaters, because if it’s heavy nature. It is strong, soft and difficult to pull apart, making it suitable for the purpose. Canton cotton is the most popular type of cotton which people are aware of.
French Terry Cotton
Another form of cotton is the French Terry cotton type. It is a heavy cotton, much heavier than cotton twill, but slightly lighter than Canton cotton. It is a soft cotton type with a short nap.
Organic Cotton
It is harder than the usual cottons and is not easily available in usual retail shops, neither are the fabrics made out of this cotton are easily available. Organic cotton is minus any types of chemicals and pesticides that are generally used in the production of other types of cottons. Even the clothes manufactured out of this cotton are not exposed to the environmentally harmful chemicals that the other materials are used to.
Bamboo Cotton
This type of cotton is very soft and is half organic. The crushed bamboo mixture, along with the organic cotton, is used to manufacture the fabrics and clothing. Like Organic cotton, Bamboo cotton is an all-natural and chemical free material, which makes it a perfect choice for both the environment and your skin.

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